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    Outsource With Us!

    Mhay20 Wayfarer
      A pleasant day to all! I am Mhay of Global Sky Incorporated We welcome
      Projects/campaigns and look forward in doing business with the
      clients/facilitators, either in Joint venture Or Outsourcing. We can
      assure you the same level of quality and performance of a US, Canada
      or UK call center at offshore rates, Our company is an American owned
      and managed call center based in the Philippines. Global Sky is built
      on quality infrastructure. Obsessed with quality Global Sky has
      adopted ISO Certification and Six Sigma standards. Our agents can come
      from Fortune 500 companies like Dell, Microsoft, Apple, MCI, IBM etc,
      Clients have been impressed with the quality of the lines, the uptime
      of the campaigns, and the subtle accents of our agents and the
      Philippines are known for their predominantly English speaking
      culture, taught to them from first grade. We can also offer you
      services like inbound customer support, outbound marketing support,
      surveys, market research, lead generation, chat support, email
      support, online reporting and more. I hope we can hear some feedback
      to you sir regarding the business proposal and you contact us for more
      details and information. Thanks!

      Mhay Olanda
      1-888-210-0499 ext. 3209
      1-619-793-4471 ext. 3209