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    Taking the Leap: Shall I quit? Shall I not? Maybe later?

    CleanGreenGuy Wayfarer
      Launching a new business comes with its perils. A big number of
      would-be entrepreneurs are in full-time, regular 9-5 jobs or consulting
      gigs when they decide to launch a business. It always seems to be a
      safe thing to do to start your business while working full-time and
      "see how it goes". It is always easy to squeeze in some time during the
      day job to start your new enterprise discreetly while collecting the
      regular paycheck. Heck, why not! You are literally being paid to start
      your own business. If the new business does not work out, you can
      always continue in your existing job as if nothing happened and without
      a break in wages or work. But is that the motivation you need to
      succeed in your business? Can you really excel in launching your
      business successfully while working elsewhere? Would your priorities be

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