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    Zazo the online search engine

    robin91 Newbie
      Hi I have built a search engine and have a few problems.

      I can't seem to keep visitors, I want them to sign up and enjoy my site.. I know I have google and bing to deal with BUT... there has to be someone out there thats willing to try a new search engine?


      Anyone got any ideas? mostly free advertising at the moment as money is short as im only 18


      I plan to be creating a mail client ( hotmail or Gmail )
      and also in the process of creating an instant messenger.

      Any ideas how to keep my visitors!
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          franklinb Adventurer
          Very interesting search engine. I see from the source that you are an Adsense publisher, and this is a very well designed version of the custom search option available in Adsense.

          I don't blame you for wanting some members. If you could get enough traffic and members, they would earn you a fortune just clicking.

          So, how did you come to think of this approach, and is it within the TOS of Google Adsense to make a separate search engine? I really don't know this, and it is a real question I have.

          If it is legal and within the TOS, then what you need is pure traffic coming to it in the form of partners who will link to your site and you can share revenue with them. Do you have a system set up to do this?


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              robin91 Newbie

              It has been designed to be fully legel within the TOS. Also traffic is high!

              In about 9 days of becoming online I have managed to gain around 90,000 hits. The problem is members... but now I seem to have this under control!

              Furthermore, my site will be running it's own "adsense" program.


              Please if you would like to know any more email me at:

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                  franklinb Adventurer
                  Can you explain how your site can run it's own Adsense program, when you are an Adsense publisher yourself? You are delivering search results from Google through the Adsense network. Adsense is not a 2 tier program, so exactly how can you offer an Adsense program?

                  ZAZO is a Google extension isn't it?
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                      robin91 Newbie

                      Thanks for the reply.

                      Yes we run of google adsense at the monent, this is because we are currently working on our own search bar.. and only wish to use googles adsense bar to give the visitor a feel of what ZAZO will be about.

                      We are also in the middle of creating: our own adsense program, a free web client and also an instant messenger.

                      Also I would love to kick butt on all the top search engines.. but it seems impossible, but then again everyone had to start on sqaure 1.

                      ZAZO will be having many new feature which currently none of the top search engines offer... we plan to draw attention away from the top search engines via our new features.

                      Also our adsense program will be a hit quickly.. as we are offering higher payments for the publisher.. and lower rates for the advertiser.. this mean lower income for myself and the team, but we not bothered by this as we are after a well known product, instead of a large profit.

                      Please if there are more question could you email them to: as it is easier to email for me, as I am away from the computer and doing this on my phone.
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                  A search engine needs massive marketing and infrastructure-- as in millions of dollars, even if you have a unique niche. That said, I'd love to see a little guy kick butt. To keep users-- your question-- perhaps consider a points-based loyalty program. Most engines don't have that kind of viral loop.