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    Network Marketing: It's NOT the products. It's the MONEY!

    Brains4Biz Adventurer

      It literally took me years to finally discover the real secret of building a business. It had NOTHING to do with my warm market, passing out product samples or ANY of the traditional "stuff" taught by most in this great industry.


      Network marketing: It ultimately boils down to one word...



      Our ability to communicate with others based upon THEIR needs - NOT our own. We're nothing more than problem solvers. A potential prospect/customer hops online searching for a solution to a problem they're facing...maybe they're looking to create more income from home...maybe they're looking for a solution to an acne issue they're encountering...maybe they're looking for a way to protect their PC from viruses. You get the picture...

      We're problem solvers. Nothing more, nothing less. Those who understand this in conjunction with how to communicate with others, both orally and using the written word, win the game and create towering commission checks.

      It's our job to put a message in front of them as they're out there online revealing their problem and what they're looking for - when you can master this process the game gets a WHOLE LOT easier.


      It all starts with knowledge...then properly applying it. Doctors, lawyers, business professionals go to school prior to practicing in their chosen field - then they find employment to apply what they've been taught in the class room.

      Network marketing does JUST THE OPPOSITE. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this industry, but the process has been backwards for more than 50 years and there's nothing taking place right now that will change this.

      We get our "startup package", get the products, review the compensation and dabble with the products a bit and you're officially in business for yourself. Now what? Most have no idea of the most important factor that dictates success. One must become a marketer and truly understand the art and science of how do we learn the appropriate skill necessary to have prospects approaching us?

      Most don't know what to do, when to do it and how to make it happen.


      That's the name of the game.

      So with that said...
      Im going to tell what i do and how i do it...
      I SELL MONEY! Everyone needs it! Few of us have it. Most of us do not know how to get it. I do not waste my time trying to teach them how to get it because they just don't or won't get it. So what i do is spend MY MONEY to make money FOR THEM. And when i make money for them, they will tell everyone they know and then some that they should jump on board with me if THEY want to MAKE MONEY too. And when i make them money, I make a lot of money FOR MYSELF. And the cycle just keep going and going like clockwork.
      Oh, and did i mention they stick around for the monthly paychecks. You bet they do!

      "In my book, it's the perfect network marketing system".


      Think about it. Every so called "guru" is out to make money... FOR THEMSELVES and NOT YOU!
      And they do a excellent job of it.
      Every widget and gadget imaginable is for sale and they are selling them
      TO YOU and THEY are getting very wealthy.
      Have you ever purchased any of their gadgets and made millions?

      I am NOT a "guru". I'm just a average guy who learned a system that works.
      Learn how to do just the opposite like I do. It will work like a champ for you too!

      Interested in learning more? contact me at:
      Best regards.
      Steve Hartung