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    What do you share with Amazon and Walmart online?

    aitendant Wayfarer
      These are a huge retail names. They have been successful and we all would not mind shopping with them online. We trust them and we know them. They made their name then they took their business online.

      So what do you share with these companies. Go and see. Their web address is and If you sell products online you likely touch one or more items from these super-giants. Good, so you may sell similar or the same products. These guys make their business with logistics - yes logistics. I was a very successful big box manager and believe me on the surface it was merchandizing but it quickly became getting the right SKUs in the right volume. This is important because as an online business or smaller store you are in the game from a different starting point. Trying to capture and servicing their customers by being just like them is paying their game on their terms. And there are lots of companies already doing just that already.

      I asked you earlier to go and visit their website. I am sure you had the web address already but I really wanted you to take a fresh look. I want you to have a clear picture of how they conduct online commerce. I call it the amazon model, no disrespect to anyone else or even Walmart, but I believe that amazon was a leader in the field of ecommerce. The amazon model is using a standard shopping cart with catalog pages to display products. This has not changed since its inception and it is so common that Walmart is even doing it. Take a second look, how they sell online is pretty much the same.

      Here is the real challenge, look at generally available ecommerce software. They all use the same shopping cart interface, catalog and to make it easier you can use one of their templates. The finish product still resembles the amazon model with a splash of color. That means that for the most part one retail store look like the other. Not do you online efforts look resemble Amazon's but it means that Campbell Retail Online and Jones Retail Online will essentially be the same.

      Do something different. You have different core competencies than Amazon, Walmart or even Jone Retail Online, stop trying your best to look like them. Consider using a platform that has inline integration. This means that you do not sell from a catalog, you sell from the information on your site. Inline integration uses a link to activate pricing, configuration and ordering. This is more flexible for your store as its changes the shopping cart which removes you from the information that is being presented or product being sold, reduces the clicks to get to order processing and removes the need to change your website. Those are the basic benefits. Consider selling from an image where the product is displayed in use or a service is being demonstrated. With inline integration you can sell from an area of a image or video all you do is link to the spot that is of interest and you have a very dynamic selling environment that look and fells nothing like Amazon, Walmart or Jones Retail Online.

      If you would like to see how inline integration works, you can get more information at Get the software its free and its expanding the edges of how we conduct business online ... as well as offline. I hope you found this write-up helpful, its something we are pretty passionate about. If we can be of any assistance please let us know.