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    Are you afraid of Open Source software?

    patkins Newbie
      This happens to be my first post, after reading various posts in the forums I wanted to get some insight into this community.

      So my first post is a question...

      Are you afraid of Open Source software? Or better yet software witten with an open source framework or language.

      We have been writing software for many years and I'm finally seeing more and more companies looking harder at Open Source software. It's a breath of fresh air for me because I am a strong believer sue to the cost saving, community support, and performance benefits among many other reasons.

      See it's out there now...yes I drink the cool-aid.

      What is your take?


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          holonyx Newbie
          Peter, I firmly believe FOSS business models are not only here to stay, but will continue to reshape the software landscape. We released RESTORE to the community 25-Sept-07 and already had over 11,000 downloads! By comparison SugerCRM had 25,000 downloads in their first 6-months. Within one month we were the no.1 backup software on Sourceforge. Now had we not GPL'd the code, we would NOT have had such interest in yet another backup software on the market. FOSS changes the rules--drastically.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            When commercial software is free software -- publicly \\ licensed -- the customer for that software can always get what they \\ want by working with a coop or NPO. This means that the customer can \\ always get their software by paying a fair share of the cost of \\ development. \\ The customer can always get \\ the free software they need by paying a fair share of the cost of \\ development but that is a problem for developers who want access to \\ investment capital. A developer who wants access to investment capital \\ must have a good chance of returning a profit. \\ . \\ If \\ you issue stock, it is usually easy to grant someone else some of your \\ stock in a way that costs you less in cash than it would cost to buy \\ that same stock. \\ Now if a developer, paid in stock, \\ immediately sells that stock for cash -- they earn just the cost of \\ production but no profit on top of that. \\ On the other hand, \\ if a developer paid in stock holds on to that stock, and the customer \\ of the developer's program flourishes, the stock will rise in value. \\ Later in time, the developer can sell the stock and get back the cost \\ of development, plus interest, plus a profit. \\ A free \\ software developer who can make a profit that way has access to \\ investment capital. \\ LUCKIEST
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              I'm not sure I understood the question (reading the posts that have appeared so far). I initially thought you were referring to Open Source as a web app design or development environment, but the responses so far suggest a reference to Free/Open Source Software. In any case, I'm not "afraid" of either -- as a business owner, I just have to be aware of their advantages and disadvantages (same as any other relevant tool or technology).
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                  holonyx Newbie
                  L24, Peter's post seemed to be more about starting a conversation and testing the forum for interest in open source. Luckiest, FYI, SugarCRM captured $26MM in venture and now has over 3MM downloads. It's a great business model for those who understand the dynamics of building a community. Peter, it isn't clear from your site if you contribute code to the community or just offer customization and supprt, can you weigh in on that?