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    Cheaper Collective Shipping and Carrier Rate "Floors"?

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      A business partner and myself recently created a new startup designed to let every company buy IT (Information Technology) products tax-free, even if they are not a reseller, and from the same large reputable vendors like CDW, Dell, and Ingram-Micro. They even compete with each other and offer lower prices. Members get to manage all their vendors in one place, buy from the same ones, but cheaper, and drop-ship direct from the vendor's warehouse, tax-free. It's a beautiful thing, indeed.

      We were looking for other innovative offerings that nobody had come up with yet, and launched a new vertical that lets all of our members move shipments and packages under one shipping account. A large logistics company was kind enough to believe in the idea and grant us a credit line. We have a few companies already rolling their shipping through us, and as our collective volume increases, our shipping rates have lowered some.

      I'm curious, however, if I should expect to hit a "floor" where our rates cannot get any lower, despite our volume, and if we should look for another logistics provider when, and if we hit said "floor." The page that explains what we do for companies with IT purchasing needs and what we are trying do with shipping as well is

      Thank you all for your input and suggestions!
      PriceHonest LLC