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    jayjay1 Adventurer
      What would be the minimum cost to build a eCommerce web site with say 50 products .? And also any suggestions of eCommerce Store builders who would not drown you IN MONTHLY FEES.

      Thank you
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Jay, Not my cup of -----. Have you tried googling "eCommerce Store Builders"
          Lots of useful hits.
          Like: <!-- central space -->
          Ecommerce software & online store builder - LiteCommerce
          LiteCommerce is a lightweight high-tech ecommerce solution devoted to
          make an internet store launching process as easy as surfing the Web.
          LiteCommerce is more than just a shopping cart. It is a multipurpose
          ecommerce store platform. Numerous built-in features will make your
          online store and your business successful
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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   - $24 a month, 2% transaction fees, 1000 products (different levels, different fees)

            Very nice interface, lots of features and options, and can be set up with no programming on your part (hosted ecommerce)

   $20/month, 100 products max, no transaction fees.

            Both can be customized, once you settle in, if you know CSS (style sheets) or know someone who knows CSS well (hint hint - grin)

            I have no financial stake in either company, and have used shopify for client work, they are happy with ease of use and maintenance, and reporting.
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              stephan Wayfarer

              The cost will depends on your business requirements, there are many options out there, Hosted Solution VS having your own site and e Commerce Gateway.

              Either way, you should expect some monthly fees, I do not deal with hosted solutions as I believe it is not the right approach in most cases. In order to have your own site, you will have to pay a monthly or yearly fee for the hosting of the site, a yearly fee for the SSL certificate, Gateway and Merchant fees will be monthly and per transactions.

              I have implemented several e commerce sites for customers, they OWN 100% of the code/application and are able to maintain their own online inventory as well as manage their own orders.

              Hope this helps,
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                  I agree that owning your own code and being able to move to any hosted environment would be ideal, but some folks want to start small, figure out what works for their business model and what sells, and build up from there.

                  Instead of plunking down big upfront fees for a custom ecommerce solution, a hosted solution such as Shopify for about $25 a month lets you test the waters and get out if they are too cold.

                  Many online hosted solutions are garbage - horrible design, templates, interface. Shopify saw this and upended that market on its ear.


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                  amynwesley Adventurer

                  Yahoo offers merchant solutions. There is a one time $50 set-up fee. Its $39.95 per month to keep and there is a 1.5% transaction fee. Here is the link and it lists some of the features.
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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger

                    My micro-business clients and associates speak highly of Network Solutions' ecommerce suite. It is not the cheapest option, but several of them moved there from other providers, and they say the accessibility to your site, the integrated tools, the ease of use, and the genuine 24/7 support make it worth considering at least.
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                      blueoryx Newbie
                      We offer a fully customizable, FULLY, solution for 40/month. Paypal Express and Paypal Direct ready.
                      sell 10 to 10,000 products. as long as you stay within the alloted 2GB of space you are all set.

                      It is totally maintenance free on your part and extremely easy to use. We take care of your hosting updates, the application is updated and upgraded constantly without you having to do a thing other than input your products and content into simple form and press "Save".


                      go to for a demo of how easy it is!
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                        Infotech Newbie
                        The problem with most hosted solutions (e.g. Yahoo, Network Solutions, etc) is that you cannot add customized functionality such as a customized quote application, support forum, etc. Infotech Inc. provides both hosted and non-hosted eCommerce solutions. Regardless of where you choose to host, our solutions are based on a core eCommerce engine that can be customized as much or as little as needed.

                        Please visit our site at for more information. I can be reached at or 484-883-5627. I would be please to discuss your specific requirements with you and make appropriate recommendations.

                        Bill Degnan
                        Infotech Inc.
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                          stephan Wayfarer

                          If you already accept credit cards and have an existing Merchant account, I would suggest having you own site VS hosted/service solution. This would give you more flexibity to expand you business down the road. I have developed several e commerce sites and would be happy to provide you with a quote or answer any questions you may have.

                          The solutions I can provide would allow you to manage your own sites contents (information) as well as manage your online store (items) without having to be a technical expert and you would OWN 100% of the code/solution. This means, that is for some reason you are not satisfied with the solution, host or other aspects, you can simply move to another provider. Because I use Open Source technology, it also means finding other companies or developers to support your site would not be an issue, you would not be locked into a proprietary technolgy, maintenance contracts etc..

                          Feel free to contact me

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                            SolveIT Newbie
                            I am not sure if i am too late in the game or you are still on the look out for a solution. The problem with any estore or hosted solution is that it lacks flexiblity. I have lot of clients who subscribing for these solution and now bootstrapped as they do not have any flexibility to change as their business grows. It is prudent in the long run to look for a solution that is scalable, flexible and modular that will allow you to change course as required. SolveIT Inc has implemented a solution that is specific to small and medium business that will enable faster ROI. Please visit the site Our solution is designed to ensure that we work with the business work flow of specific clients. We follow the approach of 70% generic and 30% specific to customer's business model. Our experience with small businesses ensures that we build a solution that caters to your needs.

                            Vasu Ram
                            SolveIT Inc
                            508-898-0082 (112)
                            508-736-7972 (cell)
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                              Emilyecho Wayfarer
                     is free for your products, give you a Search Engine Optimized Web Store and automatically publish your product catalog to Google Products.
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                                gotomarket Newbie
                                Monthly fees range from $20/month to $100/month depending on the size of your site and options such as Newsletters and email campaigns. Volusion has a pretty good user interface and inexpensive solution. However, their templates are not that great and you will have to invest a couple thousand dollars in web design work to create an attractive site.
                                Let me know if I can help:

                                Go To Market Consulting
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                                  malena Adventurer



                                  The minimal cost will be approximately $300


                                  But we prefer individual approach to everyone we deal with. So, U see, the price is not steady.


                                  By the way, U are welcome to the great collection of our company: