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    Are you afraid to succeed?

    Iwrite Pioneer
      I was working on a campaign for a non-profit, and the director said to me, "I love the idea. I am so glad you weren't afraid to succeed."

      "What do you mean by that?" I asked.

      She explained, "Most people aren't afraid of failure - we all have failed before, we know how to do it, what it feels like. We're comfortable failing. But success is something different. We aren't sure how to handle it, what it will do to us. But you came to us with an unsolicited idea and presented it to us. You knew you could help us and you weren't afraid to say so. You weren't afraid to succeed. And because you weren't afraid of success, we are getting some marketing help."

      I had to think about what she said. Was I unafraid to succeed? I wasn't sure, I had an idea that I believe in so much that my belief outweighed any fear. But I had to take a pause and look at my actions, have I been inhibiting my efforts out of fear of succeeding? I mean, we all talk a great game but are we on some subconscious level keeping ourselves from succeeding?

      Do we not approach that big chain or client because we don't know what we will do if we succeed?

      Do we only ask for small loans when a bigger loan can propel us towards success?

      My client's words made me uncomfortable, I didn't think I had a problem with success but I had never thought about success. My business plan doesn't include how I am going to deal with success, not directly. I talk around it but I don't come out and say how I am going to handle success. And if I don't, does that mean that I really don't believe I am going to succeed? I'm revising my plan to include success, I am not afraid to succeed. I need to make sure I am doing business like that - fearless.

      What are you afraid of?

      If you aren't afraid of success, then are you conducting business like you are fearless?