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    How to Submit Articles and Events

    VOMIChairman Newbie
      How do you submit articles to this community? How do you post Events?


      This is a very frustrating social media platform, to say the least.
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          LUCKIEST Guide

          How to Submit Articles


          What is the problem and why are you frustrated??

            • How to Submit Articles and Events
              Don Todrin Adventurer

              I too am very frustrated cannot figure out how to submit articles. Why is this do difficult ? Will someone please respond !

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                  SBC Team Guide



                  Thanks for your willingness to post content to the Small Business Online Community (SBOC). I am happy to shed some light on this subject.


                  Members cannot post articles to the community. Articles are written by journalists specifically for the SBOC.


                  Stories, on the other hand, are designed to be written by community members. The "Stories" section is an opportunity to share experiences that will benefit others. What story can you share to help other small business owners succeed too? Some sample topics could include:

                  • How you started, developed, and expanded your small or home-based businesses
                  • What's your biggest business success to date, the accomplishment you're proudest of?
                  • What are some of the pitfalls you encountered? How did you overcome them? How can other small business owners avoid them?

                  You can submit your story by:

                  • Navigating to the Stories section. You can do this by clicking this link, or by clicking the "Stories" tab at the top of the SBOC.
                  • In the Stories section, look for the "Actions" section to the right of the screen.
                  • In the "Actions" menu, click the "Create a story" link.
                  • Give your story a title and write your story. You can copy and paste from a Word document, if you like.
                  • Upload a small photo of yourself (under 100K) that we can use for your story.
                    • You can upload your image in the area titled "Attach Files" toward the bottom of your screen.
                    • Click the browse button and navigate to your image. Click on your image and select "Open". Your image will now automatically be uploaded along with your story.
                    • Click the "Publish" button to submit your story.

                    The Stories section is not for promotion of a business and its services. In the past, we've had major problems with spam in this section, with some purely spam posts (buy Rolex watches!) to thinly veiled spam attempts (the story did not make sense, but contained the keywords that the spammer wanted Google to pick up). So, now all Stories are review by our moderation staff prior to appearing on the SBOC.

                    Please keep the following guidelines in mind before posting your story:

                    • Your small small business success story must be spell checked, grammatically correct and must not be written in all capital letters.
                    • Stories written to promote your business or products will not be approved.
                    • We reserve the right to reject success stories that do not keep with the theme and purpose of the SBOC Stories section.

                    We know this is a very long post, but we wanted to be as detailed as possible. Thanks again, and we'll look forward to future member success stories on the SBOC.




                    The SBOC Team