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    Working on new website "NEED IDEAS"

    6LANEMKTG Newbie
      Hello, 6Lane Marketing & Promotion, We are working on our new website and we wanted to see if the commuity had any advise for wrinting our opening statement on our homepage. Advise like, things that we might want to point out about the company, or just general information that will grag our clients.


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          What's your site, 6 Lane?
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              6LANEMKTG Newbie
              yes the Webster is and do remember it is still under construction <!--Session data-->
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  The things you want to communicate are:
                  What is it that you want companies to know about your services?

                  How can you be a benefit to them?

                  What do you do or provide?

                  It isn't enough to tell me these things, you need to show the benefit of your services. Saving money or increased profits are not enough of a claim - give me something to sink my teeth into. Show me that you are different. You are an event marketer, make the homepage an event in and of itself. I want to come and experience what you have to offer. A marketing company that cannot make a connection and hold my attention with their website is not going to be able to do so with my brand.

                  I hope that helps.
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                DomainDiva Ranger
                You may want to consider someone to 'edit' your website copy as your original post contains grammar and spelling errors.
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                  Marketing1 Wayfarer
                  It looks like your target market will be B to C and B to B (from reading what you have on your site for services).

                  I think you want to change the Experimental Marketing heading to Experiential Marketing...although a lot of marketing is experimentation, most clients won't be comfortable reading that you are going to take their money and experiment. They are generally looking for tried and true marketing that delivers the goods (even if they are willing to go with social marketing and guerilla marketing that may be outside their experience and beyond their comfort level). And what you talk about in that section is experiential marketing anyway.

                  What they are looking for most importantly is "what you can do for them" rather than a list of features.

                  Bring emotion into the writing, use easy to read action words that allow the reader to imagine experiencing the result as they are reading.

                  Might be best to hire someone to do the writing. It's more difficult when it's your business you are writing about.

                  Don't introduce too many different thoughts or offer 2 many actions for them to take on each page...lead them through the site to where you want them to go.

                  It look as though you have been working on the site for some time and are getting stuck periodically.

                  Set your self a realistic, firm deadline and either hire someone or delegate a portion of the work to your colleagues.

                  I wouldn't send any traffic to the site or open it to the search engines until you have all the content entered and the site optimized.

                  "How you do one thing is how you do everything" If there is no attention to detail shown on your own marketing, will the client believe you will give their marketing the attention it needs to work?

                  Good luck,


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