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    Buying Links & Pay Per Click Advertising

    PPC-Pro Newbie

      SEO Has Always Been a Game at Beating "the Algorithm":
      I remember working at a large SEO Agency for 5 years (prior to starting and working feverishly to get client's websites ranked in Google. Over the course of those years we saw SEVERAL "algorithm" changes on Google's end that really shook up the rankings on our client's sites. When you think about it - when Google makes a change and websites suddenly lose their positioning, that could literally be tagged as "sudden death" to most businesses. That's just one reason I'm a huge supporter of PPC Advertising.


      Why Does Google Change Things Up Anyway?:
      Always remember this - Google is all about user experience. When people log on to and start in with their keyword searches, Google wants to provide that user with the best results - both organic and paid search so the user will come back again and again.
      So when a website owner finds a way to get ranked above his competition (other than longevity, good coding in the source code, a lot of relevant content and legitimate links) then it literally becomes Google's job to play internet police and penalize that site.
      Think of if this way ... whenever Google changes things up it's almost always in efforts to kick out the spammers. Remember the days of keyword stuffing meta tags or putting hidden text in the body of a webpage that was a massive repetition of a handful of keywords? Aren't you glad that those "POS" sites are gone? I am!


      The Latest Craze in SEO - Buying Links:
      While effective (at least it is now) Google is getting ready to shake things up again. If you've employed a service to blast a bunch of text links out to their paid bloggers, you may want to rethink that strategy. According to Jennifers article linked above - the day is rapidly approaching when those links won't do you much good.
      Also check out the first thing Google Webmaster says to do when your site is launched and you're ready to show it to the world. They say (and I quote) " ... have other RELEVANT sites link to yours." The reason these blog links are getting so much scrutiny from Google is because most blogs being used for links aren't relevant to the site they're linking to. Yes, these bloggers are instructed to write a few paragraphs of "relevant" content around these text links, but that hardly classifies the entire blog as "relevant". (Just another spam method if you ask me).


      In Summary:
      If you're really relying on this latest method of optimizing your site (which it really isn't optimizing your site at all), I should say relying on buying text links in blogs for better rankings, you may want to reconsider your strategy as those dollars may go bye bye before long.
      Solid PPC Management will always provide ROI to help continue your company's growth!


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          LUCKIEST Guide
          PPC, O K, I will look at PPC's Pay Per Click management approach and check out their service page.
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            Or better yet, rely on "good coding in the source code, a lot of
            relevant content and legitimate links" (grin)

            Establish credibility and expertise (become a search destination) with great content. Help the engines find that great content with legitimate links from other established sources, as well as properly coded pages (don't make a search engine sweat, or it'll leave in a huff - wink)

            I've achieved several dozen top-10 Google rankings for my website alone in 2 months time (a brand new site, rebranding my firm and new URL in Oct 2007) without spending 1 cent on PPC.

            Not saying PPC is bad or not worth it - but it's not NECESSARY with the right webdev team that can provide the best solutions for your business. Hint on who that might be? (LOL)

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              NatOnline Tracker
              Here we go again with coding lol I don't buy it guys.

              Not only link from blogs will get you in trouble, but all buying links. Organic is best and free ;-), PPC too expensive.
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                  I am sorry you don't buy into the notion of a properly coded website means better rankings. Gee what do I know. I only follow the Google webmaster guidelines, but hey, all of us webdev pros are liars out to get the little guys hard earned money, right?

                  Try to imagine it this way (if you can):
                  Old, bad way of creating websites - table based layout, with lots of tables inside of tables inside of tables to get that oh-so-perfect layout and everything exactly just right. Then, inside all those table cells, people usually put either font tags, or bless their hearts if they read chapter 1 on CSS, inline styles, repeated OVER AND OVER again, to format things nice an perty. (misspelled on purpose).

                  Search engine spider has to drill through all that extra markup for layout to get to the content. Think hard candy shell, chewy nougat content inside.

                  Better way: content is as untouched as possible, with minimal markup, and styles, which dictate the overall look and positioning, are held in an external style sheet. Page size is usually cut in half (my makeover projects over 8 years bear this out), content is far less buried, and Bonus: if I want to change the look or layout I only need to tweak the CSS file, and NOT TOUCH EVERY PAGE OF THE WEBSITE.

                  So, I get better search engine indexing, faster maintenance, faster download, easier to read page code.

                  Downside??? Can't seem to find one.

                  Learn before you dismiss.
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                      Lighthouse24 Ranger

                      Downside? Development cost, it would seem (at least for many business owners in this community).
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                          If you mean it takes the oldskool DIY crowd longer to create proper CSS/structure, then OK, time=money, and it can take longer to achieve proper results. (esp if they're stuck in table mode thinking)

                          But if you say it costs more to develop in CSS than tables for a professional webdev firm, then I completely disagree with you. I find myself able to move about 30% faster on a project, since I can use the structure of well-formed CSS and base files across projects, and change the design as needed.

                          I also find maintenance to be a snap, as I don't have to wade through tables/tr/td/p/font layers to get to content, make an update or two, and get out again.

                          Proper coding saves money, up front and over time.
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                              Lighthouse24 Ranger

                              No, Mike, I'm not doubting the merits of CSS vs. tables at all, nor suggesting that a professional developer would charge more (short or long term) for CSS. All I said was that cost is probably the obstacle that prevents many business owners from obtaining the kind of "proper coding" you described. (CSS is the superior presentation approach and has been around for about ten years, yet how many websites are still table based? Around 95% is the figure I keep seeing. If cost isn't the barrier, I'm wondering what is?)
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                                  CSS is not quite as old as 10 years - since browser support in the early years was 'flugy' (a technical term - grin).

                                  It's probably closer to 4-5 years that the browsers now support most of the CSS standard. IE6 is a bas*ard, IE7 better, and I beleive IE8 just passed the 'acid' test (gold standard) of CSS support. Firefox 3 did so as well. Opera has for a while.

                                  The issue is, it's far easier to 'start' a web page in tables. I admit that. And CSS is not easy to learn (formatting easy; positioning/layout not so much).

                                  Also, most WYSIWYG html editors still spew forth table structure, and embed styles into the page (instead of in a separate CSS file), so the DIY crowd is using tables without even knowing what's under the hood.

                                  The ramp up time to become effective in CSS is too hard for many so called webdev firms, so they stick with the 'tried and true'. But if you get over the hump, as I did, you do actually get faster than the old way.

                                    • CSS is not a SEO silver bullet...
                                      patkins Newbie
                                      I wish CSS was the end-all for good SEO but you are wrong, oh so very wrong!

                                      There are many very well documented sites that are built with Generated
                                      code from something like a Content Management System (CMS). In many of
                                      these cases the code is not perfect and all using nice pretty CSS
                                      markup. "Don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of CSS" BUT, that is not
                                      what makes SEO tick.

                                      I find that anyone who sells that notion is trying to sell a service. Good SEO comes in many formats and techniques.

                                      Unless you can put somthing in writing that your CSS will always get
                                      the ranking the customers want you may want to be a little less

                                        • Re: CSS is not a SEO silver bullet...
                                          SEO is a recipe of many ingredients - and great, interesting and informative content is at the top of the list.

                                          But if you take the same content, and build 2 websites - one with old style tables and bad formatting, and the other with clean coding and CSS styling, the CSS-based website will most likely do better in the rankings, as the content will be easier to index and less buried.

                                          Proper coding also means title, desc and header tags working together, which is another big ingredient in SE friendly pages.

                                          Let's all pay attention to what's being written, and not wild assumptions or axe-grinding, OK?
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                                  NatOnline Tracker
                                  This is funny because even Google doesn't have a clean code. I agree that a clean coded website will be faster to dowload, easy to manipulate for maintenance etc...

                                  For SEO, website coded manually will not give you more power because Google is based on vote links (PR). It doesn't mean only links don't get me wrong.

                                  The cost for manual coding by an expert is $250 oe more per hour, so if I want my site manually coded it will cost me thousands dollars just for eventually a little plus in SEO? and I am not sure about that.

                                  No it doesn't worth it, sorry my friend. Since the search engines can crawl my pages correctly I don't care.
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                                      Google doesn't need clean code - they rule the world (grin!)

                                      Gee, I wish I could charge $250/hr for my services. That seems extreme, and on the very high absurd end of the market. (for the record, my hourly is around $75/).

                                      Links are indeed crucial as well, but again, not the only ingredient. And my new website doesn't have a lot of incoming links, as it's new (LOL), but already I've achieved several dozen top-10 rankings.

                                      All parts of the soup, and all interplay to boost rankings.

                                      As for your website, I may not agree with all the coding decisions, but I do see a lot of effort is put into the navigation, flow and layout, and some good SE work on titles and content. I am glad you are doing well in the SE race. (consider moving the embedded styles and javascript into external files, bring the content that much closer to the top of page).
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                                          NatOnline Tracker
                                          I agree with some of your comments, not all ;-)

                                          I wish some day if my business produce the same number of orders since the 3 last months to re-design my site, then I will give my green light for coding priority and particulary css layout, with a new friendly system cart.

                                          Our site come from a template as we wanted to minimize the starting cost, then developped the template step by step. Today there is not much from the original template, and like you mentionned, the javascript nav top come from the original.

                                          We are using 3 dynamic modules and we cannot switch in Html code, and need to run ASP code. The template originally was not made for urls SEO friendly, some update of the system cart code was modified to allow and create friendly urls as you can see now,

                                          I am aware that this template is not the best and put the SEO effort in some ways to bypass this problem for now.

                                          Before to re-design our site we need to complete our line of products, and remove the products discontinued, not popular, we can start a new clean site.

                                          It is very hard to find a system cart SEO friendly for ASP with more possibilities to customize. The website design is very important, but for e-commerce it's not all.

                                          Since the start up we are learning every day, and now we've got an idea of what we need for the next site.

                                          I believe there are different steps to acheive a decent business online:

                                          1) The design
                                          2) The SEO/code etc...
                                          3) Contents
                                          4) Links building
                                          5) Products
                                          6) System cart

                                          Once these 6 steps are done except for link building, products and some SEO that need to be ajusted from time to time, you should run your business pretty well.