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    Staffing Service in Michigan questions...

    meistaffing Wayfarer
      Hello, My name Tyrus Walls and I have attempted to open a staffing company called MEI Staffing Services (Morals, Ethics and Integrity)

      I have finished my articles of incorporation with the state of MI, I have acquired my Tax ID # and have written a business plan.

      things i must complete are:
      S-Corp submission

      My questions are:
      -How much should I plan for insurance to be and what type(s) of insurance do I need for approx 5 employees to start?

      -My credit is not good, what are the possibilities of receiving financing for the start up cost that I plan to be 15k.

      the reason start up cost are so low is because I plan on using an incubation company for start up business that allows you to lease space for 250/mth and that includes a phone line, cubical and use of conference room and break rooms for up to 2 years until your company can fly by itself!

      I also will be using work study students from EMU to run the front office i.e... answering phones, scheduling appointments and filing paper work. These students will be business students.

      So, I'm trying to keep cost down until I can hire staff and have the cash to be self sufficient.

      I have met with the chamber of commerce and i have been told that this is a needed services for this area, but on top of being told that, I have also done my research myself to find that this is a great time to open a staffing service.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated!
      T. Walls
      MEI Staffing Services