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    Are you using Twitter or Facebook to advertise?

    21centoffices Newbie
      Hey All,

      I'm relatively new to Twitter/Facebook and I'm only beginning to get the hang of it. I've read a ton of articles on how to make twitter and facebook a vital part of your business, but you can only get so much from reading. I wanted to hear some of the personal experience some of you all have had using twitter and/or facebook and what has and hasn't worked for you.

      Do you feel investing time in twitter/facebook is worth it or is it better spent pursuing other options?

      I look forward to hearing from all of you about your experiences with these social networking sites!

      21st Century Offices
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          Coda24 Newbie
          Facebook - did not work that great. Main issue is that you are "advertising" to friends/family who most likely already know about your business. If you have a "fan page" or something similar (which I have not done) then similar to Twitter....

          Do you have anything interesting enough to say that people will seek you out? Are you an expert in some field or can offer something unique? How/why would people find and follow you? What is it that you want them to do once they are following you?

          I worked at a big company that did use both Facebook/Twitter to great sucess. Sending out product teasers. Short term promos. Expert advice. etc. But the brand is very well know with millions of dedicated users, so finding an audience was not the problem. The challenge was engaging the audience and having them participate and build loyalty with the brand.
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              21centoffices Newbie

              Thanks for the response!

              I find myself having the same issue with facebook, since you really can only advertise to friends/family unless you pay for one of the ads that show up on the right hand side of the page. In that case you can appeal to a much larger audience. We have created a fan page for 21st Century Offices and are slowly building a fan base, but it's taking time and a lot of effort to do so without advertising. We're up to 21 fans at this current time and have the hope that friends of friends will be curious enough to take a peek at the page and if they are interested they will join and so on.

              Our primary business is selling virtual offices and I feel that this is a very interesting service that we provide. Given there are many other companies out their providing similar service, we still feel the price and services we provide make us stand apart from the competition. Once in a while I link our facebook page in a tweet on twitter in the hope that someone will find it interesting. I believe people will choose to follow us because we offer much more than just this service, we offer advice, networking opportunities, perks for our clients, we go out of our way to make sure our clients are as satisfied as they can be, etc...

              Once they follow us I want them to trust us as a company and if they take the opportunity to visit our office or use our services, they will trust us as individuals as well. We don't expect to get a huge amount of business through facebook or twitter, but we hope it can help build our brand and make it a familiar one.

              I agree if we already had a huge client base, it would be a much easier journey. But who doesn't love a good challenge, especially one that can pay off in great ways when its all said and done.

              I hope I answered all of your questions, if I didn't please let me know and I'll do my best to clarify further.
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              I recently wrote a blog post titled, "The Sweat Equity of Social Networking". Here's the link:




              Without re-iterating everything in my post here, Coda24 already touched upon some of the key aspects regarding using Twitter and Facebook. They are tools. I know of a number of people that failed with ads on these sites.


              Without an appropriate plan, you can waste dollars advertising on these sites - just as you can with any marketing campaign. It is far more effective to have a specific purpose with a well defined target market that you can present a convincing UVP (unique value proposition) to convert to customers.


              I have experienced success - moreso on Twitter than on Facebook. I use Facebook more for staying in touch with friends and family. I use Twitter to provide updates and connect with prospects and joint venture partners.


              I know that you said you have already done quite a bit of reading, but I hope you find the 7 key elements in the blog post helpful for using Twitter and Facebook as effective tools - if that is where your target market is.


              I hope this helps.


              Doug Dolan


              The Solopreneur's Guide


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                Facebook and twitter are great for general branding, but don't expect to drive immediate sales on it.
                I wrote an article on how to use them together here:

                You should integrate Facebook with you site via Facebook Connect, while using Fan box to bring Facebook interactions to your site-- thus, it goes both ways.

                Hope that helps!

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                  DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
                  The one thing that I know works well for generating business using Twitter is to create a contest! People love to have a chance at winning something, even if it's a certain percentage off of your services, a coupon, anything! You would be amazed at how many people will find out about your company if you offer a prize they value! Another good thing to do on Twitter is to spend some time exploring people's profiles and "Following" them! They will in turn follow you! This has worked great for companies small and large!

                  Good luck!
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                    BlancaPeak Newbie
                    Absolutely, and with great success...the key for us has been to
                    utilize the best automation tools to get valuable content to the
                    target markets that are looking for it.

                    I've posted some great, and recent case studies on my blog, showing
                    the social proof of social media marketing success through
                    website analytics.

                    Enjoy and I hope it it helpful.

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                      arron1134 Newbie
                      I am a concert/festival promoter and myspace/facebook/ are excellent sources to get your name, event or business noticed. Try using the connection from your email to facebook that really helped me a lot. What it does is every person you have ever emailed will get a friend request from you. This is sure way to get these people to at least look at what your doing. For me it's a lot easier because the bands I deal with also advertise for me because they want people to come see them.
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                        PremiereMedia Wayfarer
                        I use Twitter and face book but I laso useTUMBLR because I can post these and it will at the same time post it everywhere else I choose. I real one hit wonder in a way.
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                          fanguide3617 Wayfarer
                          I am using Twitter. Hoping, to establish traffic to my business. Not much traffic, but, I tweet, every day to my followers. To give them insight on my daily task.
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                            charmandhamer Newbie
                            I use facebook and twitter but not so much to advertise - like a previous post explained - it is more like building a brand, spreading the word... .
                            Don't expect direct sales, ROI so speak from facebook ads - people are on facebook to socialize, not to buy products/services.

                            Though I have connected with a portion of my target market using the facebook ads and now I connect with them by periodically posting information...
                            You'll need to balance your time - you can spend oodles of hours on facebook, but it won't pay the electric bill so speak!
                            So you need to set aside maybe an hour or two a week for example - more or less depending on your business.
                            Then watch your analytics to see if it helping !

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                              mark1234 Newbie
                              i believe that facebook and twitter are new advertising sources which you must definitely try can start a group or a page for your business and push it through can add up to 5000 people on facebook to a single you can add people and suggest your group to the can put status updates and notes acknowledging people as well..and once people star commenting, it will spread through to their friends as can increase your customer base like that through facebook..and the same way even twitter can br used for a lot o9f advertising..