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    H1b Holder - Need help on starting own online business

    pulse4000 Newbie

      I am H1b Visa holder.I am planning to open my own website.However,after reading many posts i understand i am not allowed to do this unless i act as an investor or owner of the company and hire someone to do work for me.

      I have following questions:

      1. Can i open website/business on my dad's name/address who is in india?
      2. In this case,can i purchase domain name,shopping cart etc using my US
      address and credit card OR do i have to provide India address/credit card?
      3.I will work as a volunteer on this business and profit will go to my
      Dad.However,i will learn business and help my dad financially by generating
      money for him as he will retire soon.
      4.I want to avoid legal complications.So need advice on how to setup website that consumes profit in India but i can still work on it from US(internet only) avoiding any h1b legal issues.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.