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    Starting a Door to Door Flyer Business

    .3boys_dog Newbie

      We are starting a Door to Door Flyer Business in Northern Minnesota. I have searched all over for prices on how much to charge to deliver to the door. Can you help me please? I have pricing for flyers but not to deliver. Is it 3 cents per door or 33 cents or ?
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          Secretjade Wayfarer
          Here in Northern Virginia, I've seen it for 15-25 cents a door depending on the size. Still much cheaper than the mail. Thats what we paid for one of the campaigns I was working on. Hope that helps.
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            I've seen it for about 25 cents per flyer here in Colorado. If you're delivering multiple flyers at once, you might be able to get double per delivery-- 4 guys each willing to pay 12 cents each.

            Dennis Yu
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              MinnesotaGuy Newbie
              Interesting you would pick Northern Minnesota to start a door to door business. If you are delivering in Duluth the prices need to reflect the hills especially in the winter. Duluth is like San Francisco with ice and snow winter deliveries need to reflect this. Labor in Duluth should be pretty easy to find as the economy isn't the best. I would guess about 25 cents per home in most parts of Duluth. If you are talking small towns or cities like Bemidji, Grand Rapids or Ely remember to allow for travel time and how far apart the homes are from each other. I cannot begin to guess what door hangers in an area like Grand Rapids would town wouldn't be so bad but would you deliver tube to tube in the rural areas and how would the newspaper respond to you using their tubes. If you were walking Lake Homes door to door I am thinking 50 cents a home is close to right. I would bid a couple of jobs and see what it takes to get the job done....even if you lose a little bit just so you can get your feet wet. Speaking of wet feet walking door to door in Duluth could be a major adventure. Unlike other parts of the US "property" delivery is unacceptable you would need everything on the door....I hope you have good shoes and strong legs.
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                RichardWilson Wayfarer
                secretjade is right.15-25 cent and depend on have to follow them.