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    Circle of Free advertising !!!! It works (My great Idea)

    CARPAYDIEM Wayfarer

      Please read and post all comments as a reply to me or this post (Please no Spam)


      Do you have a brilliant idea but no customers; well I did so I came up with the method of the "Circle of free advertising" what it takes to start is a good website with a catchy domain name please make sure your not cheap with the bandwidth of your site because that can have severe repercussions as this process unfolds. The key components of this process are the larger companies you will use to create and launch your circle: YouTube, iTunes, these two companies will lead you to total success if used correctly




      to start off after your website is in full working order and pleasing to the eyes ( I would recommend using a flash into opening) any way you create 3 YouTube commercials include a link to your web site in all of them but remember you have to be able to catch the viewers attention in the first 5 seconds of watching or else the commercial is doomed. Be creative with the title of your commercial what I learned was the YouTube videos with the most views was music videos and any thing pertaining to the elections these type videos pulled in 400,000 - 2.5 million in views so incorporating your product or service within a general theme of ether would drastically change your site or business traffic. I found that with a little investigative work you can even identify your target market- by understanding what kind of demographic your trying to reach you can easily identify that sector or group by the type of video you post Example 1: You have a site dedicated to selling enhanced car parts such as spoilers or any thing automotive -you would post your video title under fast cars or custom cars, shore to reach the car enthusiast that surf the net. Example 2: You have a site dedicated to selling T-shirts about the election you would name the video after the candidates or something controversial even include a snippet from a latest debate ( Please be advised I don't advocate Plagiarism or theft of intellectual property, however most videos posted on YouTube utilize actual video from real events- most posted videos even site the origin to safe guard them selves) another good tip people pay thousands to get a good spot on the google search engine but what people forget is that YouTube is Owned by google so if you post a video in Youtube and type the title or topic in google it will also bring up your video.




      After you create your commercial you want to capture another dedicated audience and what group of people is more dedicated then Pod cast listeners millions of people own iPods also millions more have iTunes installed on their PC. A plus factor for you is that there are audio and video pod cast shows and posting one is FREE for you and free for the listeners. Ok if you render a service instead of an actual product do an interview with a past satisfied customer identifying the need of your service but please be brief nothing drawn out and boring a good tip would be to talk about something controversial same idea as the YouTube commercial to first capture the viewers or do something over the top add a comedian any thing you can do to gain a persons attention enough to say hey I should check this site out it's millions of marketing strategies out there you just have to find the one that fits your company but remember everything should point to your web site this is going to drive the traffic to you.


      Also don't forget to add your URL , to your Business card as well YouTube also allows you to embed the commercial AKA video to your website if you know how to use HTML. Any questions just ask me post me a reply and I will gladly help any in need.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          CARPAY, Good Marketing. I will explore your ideas, think about it and get back to you.
          First we should list our marketing objectives and then join in the "Circle of free advertising".
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            CorpCons08 Ranger
            You are walking a very thin line by doing commercial advertising on without written consent.

            -Quote Started-


            D. You agree not to use the Website, including the YouTube Embeddable Player for any commercial use, without the prior written authorization of YouTube. Prohibited commercial uses include any of the following actions taken without YouTube's express approval:

            • sale of access to the Website or its related services (such as the Embeddable Player) on another website;
            • use of the Website or its related services (such as the Embeddable Player), for the primary purpose of gaining advertising or subscription revenue;
            • the sale of advertising, on the YouTube website or any third-party website, targeted to the content of specific User Submissions or YouTube content;
            • and any use of the Website or its related services (such as the Embeddable player) that YouTube finds, in its sole discretion, to use YouTube's resources or User Submissions with the effect of competing with or displacing the market for YouTube, YouTube content, or its User Submissions. (For more information about prohibited commercial uses,* see our FAQ* .)

            E. Prohibited commercial uses do not include:

            • uploading an original video to YouTube, or maintaining an original channel on YouTube, to promote your business or artistic enterprise;
            • using the Embeddable Player to show YouTube videos on an ad-enabled blog or website, provided the primary purpose of using the Embeddable Player is not to gain advertising revenue or compete with YouTube;
            • any use that YouTube expressly authorizes in writing.

            (For more information about what constitutes a prohibited commercial use, see our FAQ.)

            -Quote Ended-

   has paid advertising services through their website.
            By using it for advertising without paying is a violation of their services.

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              silvercell18 Wayfarer
              Whatever happened to this concept?