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    Support... Help? Please

    wordperfect Scout

      Hi guys, I KNOW you are all busy and t'is holiday time but I am STILL having an issue with trying to change the website details in my profile.


      I have mentioned it before, so, at the risk of incurring your ire, here goes again.


      My old web site was index.html, the html tag was to differentiate the Chinese homepage from the English.


      Now, we have a bilingual landing page, so I just want to delete the html tag, nothing sinister of underhand, I am British ay what?




      Challenge is I keep getting this error message:
      The usage of one or more of the preceding word(s) is inappropriate in this forum.


      I haven't added anything just deleted the tag, s


      Is there ANYONE who has had this before and can point me in the direction of a solution...pleeeeeeeeeez!