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    Cutter Cookie websites

    wordperfect Scout

      I am not sure if this is the right place for this topic but I have read the term Cutter Cookie here a few times, recently on a post I made in relation to marketing.


      I am familiar with cookies, well, at leasthow to delete them etc, but how does a web site cook cutties?
      Is it akin to OPERA's system of automatically deleting cookies when the browser is closed?
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          wordperfect Scout
          Sorry, I mean COOKIE CUTTER..... 'tis late, good night.
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            Iwrite Pioneer
            I never thought about how the two terms could be seen as being related but they can. It doesn't have anything to do with interactive cookies.

            A "Cookie Cutter" website is a site that is designed or built off of a template or is so common in design that it doesn't stand out. It means there is nothing unique or special about the website. The phrase references the way using a cookie cutter to make cookies means that the cookies all come out looking the same.

            This was a good question, I never thought about the confusion the two terms can cause.
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                wordperfect Scout

                Ohhhh, you mean a BISCUIT cutter!!


                And we both speak the same language?


                Ok yeah I know biscuits are aka cookies in US but, well, web sites, business, Internet, my mind never went down that path! I also seem to recall a COOKIE is a racial slur for Asians and ahem, slang for part of the female anatomy, neither of which seemed appropriate to the context either!


                We live and learn.


                Thanks Derek, I have marked thee as a correct answer, pending contradiction from anyone else!
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                    DomainDiva Ranger
                    The term cookie cutter website evolved from the 'visual' of using one steel template (cookie cutter) to in turn create many of the same 'cut' or 'design of the cookie by pressing said cutter into the dough. The term as applied to websites implies that no thought or creativity on the part of the site creator was used when designing the webiste.

                    Another piece of whatever New years info!
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                        wordperfect Scout

                        Wow, Diva, you are a hard lady but I still love ya!


                        I have the general idea now, as I said, my mind ne'er made the jump, quantum or otherwise from biscuits to websites. We have talked about web sites afore, yours is beautiful I know, fantastic actually, whereas mine is, well, just is I guess, plain, rather boring and functional, but that is the way I like it. I am just not so sure that every web site must have some "creativity" in it to avoid negative criticism, such as cutter cookie.


                        Mine is not creative, it is much like a billion other sites out there, a point I have laboured, but I would be a tad upset to have that levelled as a negative, in my case, I didn't like the "Chinese" style and couldn't afford an overseas designers fees based on our local income, and my own design skills are minimal, so what you see is it! Maybe it is a subjective thing, you know, like some people think roses are great, others prefer lilies? Especially when Lily is wearing them!


                        But yes, thanks I understand, you are confirming Derek's viewpoint, just a little more directly. Seems I can only award one right answer, guess it is first up best dressed so you will have to talk to I-write about sharing the points!


                        Hope the New Year treats you right.... Word
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                    That is fascinating! So you want to make a generic (cookie-cutter) website about cutting cookies (steel templates?) That's a neat play on words. But if you talking about websites that are derogatorily categorized as "cookie cutter", then that's the hallmark of most websites that are auto-generated off common templates. I think the best trade-off here for folks who don't have money for a custom design is to get wordpress and then modify a free or premium theme-- a "skin", if you will.

                    Happy new year!