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    Which ecommerce is the best and easy to use?

    efrizor Newbie



      I want to lunch a new business online selling everything from A-Z product, which mean all different kind of products, So, I would like some recommendation from some experts who used ecommerce platforms before, such as volusion, prostores, or yahoo stores.


      Thank you for your help.
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          LUCKIEST Guide

          How soon do you plan on starting this business?? Have you developed a business plan??
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            aitendant Wayfarer
            Try aitendant. Its free, flexible, easy to use and delivers more business features than just ecommerce. Here is a short blurb:

            aitendant provides people centered software that manages the continuous activities of sales, service and customer self management. aitendant is ideally suited to people in business whose products or services require uninterrupted touch with their customers. A critical point of difference is that aitendant uses a natural language interface that maintains branding while using common everyday terms to perform complex transactions. aitendent combines your best sales person, customer service agent and bookkeeper and makes them always available.

            Some Highlights:

            Natural Language / Traditional Online Orders
            Service Management (Account, Billing & Communications)
            On-demand Payments (MRC / NRC)
            Recurring Billing (MRC)
            Customized & Branded Customer Self Management

            Please contact us at if you should have any questions. aitendant is a member company of the Georgia Institute of Technology ATDC.