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    Advice on how to market my clothing line and get sales rep

    Screenculture Newbie
      Hi I have a new clothing line called COA and would like advise on how to market this and get sales rep, i also have close out sales on different clothing line and would like to market as well
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          BudgetBallerz Newbie
          First of all ScreenCulture you want to identify who your target demographic would be.
          Once you have done this; figure out what makes your product unique and how you can sell to your market. ( i.e.will you appeal to your customers logic, emotions, social status, etc.)
          Figure out if your going to sell strictly out of a store, online, or through both
          pick a couple of marketing channels, like marketing through social networks, or flyers, or ppc
          Don't bite off more than you can chew, start off with one or 2
          after you know how you are going to market find out and use as many free marketing sources that you can under that channel, ( like if you market online make sure you have a strong web presence on free social networks)
          Do this, gain as much exposure as you can, give opening discounts and sales to grab and create loyal customers and you should be alright, and always do homework and research.
          If you do advertise online I have a website called, your more than welcome to check it out and if you like it, I'll ad a link to your store on my site.

          I hope all of this was helpful.
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            DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
            If you are just starting out and are trying to test the waters, I suggest you start with Ebay. It is a good way to get some quick sales and to see how popular some of your items may actually be!

            Another thought is to look at companies like which can assist you with marketing and exposure quickly and effectively! Depending upon where you are in your business (brand new, been around a while just want to increase sales) it is often a good idea to get the experts involved to help get the word out!