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    Oregon based business working in Washington

    aacl2009 Adventurer
      Please give me your advice on the following:

      I own a landscape maintenance company in Oregon, we have 6 employees. We want to work in Washington for a large client with about 25 locations. What do I need to be able to do this?

      Here is my guess:

      • Washington Business License
      • Washington CCB (I have my Oregon CCB)
      • Same liability insurance
      • Different workman's comp insurance?

      I know if I work do business in Washington I need to pay sales tax on the money earned in each city but what about paying employees? Are they subject to Oregon or Washington minimum wage? Do I withhold their taxes by Washington or Oregon requirements?

      Other questions include:

      The crews will need to start about 150 miles north and work their way back south to Oregon throughout the week as they work on each property. Since they need to stay somewhere I assume I have to pay for hotel but what about food? Also do they need to be paid for their nights? No work is being performed but it is be cause of their employer (me) that they can not return home at night.

      If employees where to drive their own cars am I required to pay them for drive time or just for work on the site, keep in mind the jobsite changes daily so some days the commute could be 10 miles, other days it could be 100+miles if they want to be able to go home each night. Does the answer to this question differ between Oregon & Washington.

      Lastly (and obviously) is there anyone that is, or can recommend, a good attorney for Oregon AND Washington?