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    The fast way to build a business: Position yourself!

    Brains4Biz Adventurer
      Thanks for your reply posts. Yes everything you have stated is and does play a part in business building. I focus my energys on marketing because i know what i offer is solid and makes people a lot of money.
      Following is some more food for thought...

      Bar none, hands down, the fastest way to build a sustainable business is to "position" yourself accordingly in the market place. This is nothing more than putting yourself in the pathway of what your prospects are searching for and you're becoming the "problem solver". When you position yourself as the expert in your field, regardless of what industry you're in or what you're marketing, the recruiting process quickly becomes 1000% easier. No more chasing. No more writing lists of your warm market. No more passing out product samples or DVD's. Now, you have prospects approaching you...but it gets
      When you effectively position yourself as the expert, several key points take place: 1. They're reaching out to you - not the other way around. 2. People LOVE to buy things - we don't like being SOLD things. 3. When you're the expert, the trust factor has already been established - they believe you. It's A LOT easier to be a sponsoring machine when people are calling you every day and they already trust you and how you can help them. Prospects buy from experts...not from "trainees". If you're looking to build a massive business, we have to focus on efficiencies.

      The fastest way to make this happen is to have prospects chasing you...through effective marketing. When you can consistently put yourself in the line of what prospects are seeking and adequately solve the problem they're searching for a solution to, it's game over. When you create that for'll quickly see your business go from a hobby to a serious business...growing at 5, 10 or more new distributors every week.
      Thanks again everyone for your positive input!
      Steve Hartung
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