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    What is the best way to use $2,500 to promote a new site?

    libria Wayfarer
      I have an affiliate site consisting of affiliate products like product catalogs. It's been about 1 month since my site went live. I have been reading articles and blogs about how to promote the site. Things I have read include SEO, starting blogs, using social media, article submission, link exchange, linkreferral, joining and participating relevant blogs and forums, doing giveaways, paid advertisement, answering questions at Yahoo answers etc. Some things cost more than others. Some things take more time than others. I have been working on some of them. I ran Google ads too mostly for testing purpose. Cost me about $60 and made one tiny commission. Even though I will probably have to wait a bit to see the full effect, it looks like I need to study hard to learn how to advertise if I want to do it again.

      Let's say I have $2,500 that can be spent to promote the site (goal would be to bring targeted traffic and make commissions through those traffic). What do you think is the best way to spend this money? I guess it can be spent in one day, one week, one month, 10 months... It can be spent to do everything listed above or several of them or only one of them (for the ones that cost money). Or maybe it should be used on something completely different. I am focused and determined to make this affiliate site work and wondering what others would do.

      What would be the most "powerful" way to spend this money? I feel it can bring great results if used wisely. What is your thoughts?

      Happy Holidays!

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          Depends on how good your content is. If it's not conversion oriented, then PPC is a waste. You should do stuff that's free-- build links, write more content, get friends to join your Facebook, etc... Then spend money to test conversion rates.


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            HomeBizGrowth Wayfarer
            Hello Libria,

            If I were you, I'd hold off on spending your $2500 on advertising until you've found a reputable mentor that's willing to share with you proven no and low cost ways to market your website.

            I don't know if you've heard of Stephen Pierce's Make Real Money On The Internet...

            I'm a big believer in investing in my marketing and business education and I've spent thousands over
            the years.

            I'm a member of Stephen's MRMI site and in all my years of messing around on the Internet, I've never seen any other marketer that comes close to what he provides which is real, proven, and time tested ways to promote a website.

            Seriously, he provides soo many ways to market and make money...

            That you may become overwhelmed, which is a good problem to have as that gives you tons of options to profit from your business as long as you strategically launch each tactic.

            I could go about the hundreds of dollars worth of software and Private Label Rights Products (PLR) that he provides at no additional cost.

            Before you spend your $2500, why don't you check out Stephen's "Make Real Money On The Internet" for $1 for 30 days and judge for yourself at
            I know this will help.

            Rodrick Etienne
            The Home Business Coach
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              mediaworksus Wayfarer
              I own a national media agency, which advertises for numerous websites. You wouldn't even need to spend the $2500 to get great results.

              Send me an email at and we'll talk.
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                seoservicepro Ranger
                Set up a wordpress blog on your website and start blogging every day. Social Bookmark each post at 5 social bookmarking websites. Use a different 5 each day so you are not spamming any of them.

                So far, no cost but your time.

                Particpate in Follow people who are would-be customers. Do this manually, not with software. When I say participate, I don't mean continually tell people to check out your site. Click their links. Comment back to them. Comment on their blogs. Retweet some of their stuff. They will reciprocate.

                So far, no cost but your time.

                Particpate on other social networks. Share stories other than just your own blog and website links. Mix those in along with other stuff you share. Make sure you share good stuff. They will soon trust the links you post and click those that go to your site too.

                So far, no cost but your time.

                Add your site to web directories like DMOZ. Stick with free website directories. Paid directories are usually no better than the free directories.

                So far, no cost but your time.

                Participate in forums like this one and those that are related to your industry or topic with links in your sig line. Do not go into forums and post check out my site and such. Give advice, answer and ask questions, participate.

                So far, no cost but your time.

                If you do not have time for any of the above or don't think you can do it yourself, I have people who can. :) 786-317-8774
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                  ExclusiveCall Newbie
                  Well you can use our service or a service similar to ours to call people and let them know about your site and why they should visit your site, you can even get more specific by calling on targeted data. For $2500 I can have two full time telemarketers call on behalf of your business and promote your site for 8 hours a day 5 days a week for 4 weeks. Let me know if your interested, if you have any questions email me us at or call us at 9497776682
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                    Lots of good suggestions here (seoservicepro) has listed several out very nicely. I would agree, you can do it all free, just take some time to get it all rolling.

                    Be consistent with doing the actions.

                    Social bookmark
                    Social Media
                    Link building

                    Start with one, get it going, once you have it down, move onto the next item in the list. If you don't have time, there is a great service I found for outsourcing. Hire a full time person, training available and in place you can provide for $300 per month. That's a full time 40 hr per week person.

                    Now, if you already have your own training materials, you could probably get by for about 250 per month. As your business scales, you bring on another person.

                    Key is getting the marketing tasks going. Rinse and repeat in another market area.

                    Best regards,

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                      Write_Now Newbie
                      It really does depend on your end goal--conversion or just traffic. If it's just traffic, there are a lot of ways to stretch that money, many of which you've already named. I'd try to go with sponsored posts on some well known blogs that your potential audience reads. You can trade or buy those posts with many bloggers.

                      Maybe take out a Facebook ad, they are relatively inexpensive, and since they have 400 million users, you're sure to get some traffic. Those are some of the things I've done. I haven't dabbled in the affiliate stuff much. Good luck, I hope you can get the most bang for your buck!
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                        massesoft Newbie
                        hey, we can help to do all the above mentioned things for you, $300 / month - 40 hours a Week

                        Social networking,
                        blog writing
                        content generation
                        twitter Activities
                        Other Bookmarking services
                        directory submissions

                        All of this will help to generate traffic to your website. Added to this we can also help you with on page SEO factors to make your pages more search engine friendly, improve you visitor experience, simplify your Information Architecute and work on google analytics to get into the right direction for marketing compaigns

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                          SolomonRK Newbie
                          There are so many great ways to promote a new site that you should not have to spend money. Keep your $2500 for something you really need.

                          Social media (blog, twitter, facebook, YouTube, etc) cost you nothing but your time. Use them. Buy a copy of 'Crush It' by Gary Vaynerchuck. He did exactly what you are trying to do.
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                            Libria-- keep your money and focus on a great site. Tell your friends and connect to Facebook.