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    How soon I have to convert form an S-Corp from LLC?

    Talla_TinyBiz Newbie

      On Sept 22 2009, I formed an LLC with 2 members (myself and my wife) in the State of CO and also have FEIN #. For the last 3 months, I am doing consulting 100% of my time in the State of Florida. I have not registered my company with the State of Florida. . I have a business checking account and payment for my work is paid into that account against invoices. I draw my expenses from that. My IT consulting payments are small and for 4 months till end of Jan 2010.


      My question is: I want to convert to S-Corp by filing with IRS. How soon this should be done? Can I do this retroactively? Should this be done before Dec 31st 2009?


      That is, do I have to a 1099 or C-Corp tax filing till today and S-corp filing from the day one file with IRS for S-Corp.


      Appreciate a general reply, if not specific points.