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    Site maps, does anyone use them

    wordperfect Scout

      I was wondering, does any one use site maps on their errrr web site, obviously!


      If so, where do you put it, them?


      I [think[ I remember reading, some time ago that the school of thought was if you had a good, clear working navigation bar then a site map was redundant, but now there seems to be a revival thanks to SEO and web spiders.


      I am never really sure how much of SEO is hype and how much is fact to be honest, and it seems as soon as designers or developers work out a way to "boost ratings" the search engines counter it, key words is an example. And anyone who tells e they can SEO my site to number one page is insulting my intelligence, .......what little I have.


      What is the current thinking, do site maps serve any purpose other than SEO, and how much effect do they have there? In so far as "Human Consumption" is concerned, is it best to have a " site map page", can they be tacked to the end of each page, similar to a footer or set as a left / right columns on each page?


      What about aesthetics, how much creativity should go into the way it looks or feels? Or should it just be functional.


      Finally if one changes ones pages regularly, how do you cope with the nightmare of having to keep updating / changing your site map, especially if you have a biggish site which I do not







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          seoservicepro Ranger
          Hi Wordperfect. I seem to run into you everywhere. :)

          Yes, use sitemaps. It's good to have an HTML, ROR, XML and a TXT version of your sitemap. ROR and XML both have to do with others being able to use RSS to know when you have updated your content. That includes some search engines who use this info to know when your website should be crawled again.

          The html version is basically a links page. You can dress it up for users who want to view it if you like. But it assures that all of your pages get crawled.

          The URLList.TXT file can be submitted to yahoo to improve the number of pages indexed there. It can also be found by some search engines.

          By creating all 4 types, you are simply maximizing your accessibility to search engines, web directories and other places that might want to link to you.

          As for how to keep it updated, our company installs software on your server to generate the sitemaps. You can go to yourwebsite/whatever folder we used and by clicking a button, automatically update all of them. It will even tell you if you have any broken links, where those links are located, etc. We charge a one-time $99 fee for configuring everything.

          If you are a do it yourself type of person, you can purchase similar software at If you use their free version, you don't get all the benefits of having the software installed on your server.

          If you have a windows server, use the free version because windows servers . . . well I'll just say I always recommend against using a windows server for anything.
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              wordperfect Scout

              Ahhhh, well yes, 2AM on a minus 29*C China morning all I have is this forum to keep me warm!


              I will have to read your comments, along with the Google webmaster site again when I am awake and can search for an explanation of the terms you used!


              Ok thanks for some useful feedback, I understand the relevance with Search Engine to a degree, but how important is it to search engines in the overall scheme of things? Currently, Google crawls my site on a roughly monthly basis, as for Yahoo, I have no idea, I do not belong and it is not a "top" rated engine here.


              From a Human point of view, is it necessary do you think?
              And what is the convention of positioning it?
              We only have a small site, less than 2 dozen pages in both languages with.a nav bar top and bottom, I designed it that way to try to make it more user friendly.


    , ahhhh, I have no control over that!