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    How do I increase traffic to my site

    commonstar Newbie
      I own an online business and I would like to know how to increase traffic with sells leads at reasonable cost. I have used or use Google adwords, maps or yahoo search engine. I'm already using facebook, twitter and myspace but I do not know how use them to attract traffic to my site. I currently use google adwords but it seems I get more clicks and impressions without sells. On average I have about 50 clicks to100 impressions a day. Can someone help me.
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          DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
          Increasing traffic is a tricky business to be sure! There are great marketing companies out there that can help in this area! One of the best that I personally know of is and there are plenty others as well.

          Using keywords and SEO to your advantage can really increase traffic for you and increase your rankings on Google! Which will drive traffic in big ways!

          Another thing to consider is if you are getting roughly 50-100 clicks but no sales, maybe it is time to revamp your sales pitch? Conversion rates have a lot to do with how effective and convincing your target page is!

          I hope this helped!
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              seoservicepro Ranger
              Debby is correct. If you are getting a good click-thru rate and 50 clicks for 100 impressions is very good, then the problem doesn't lie with Google Adwords.

              It could be many things. And before you worry about getting more traffic, you need to learn how to convert the traffic you already have. Otherwise more traffic will not equal more sales and you will waste your money.

              Your ads may not be targeting the right audience, so look at how you worded your ad. Don't create ads based on what will get the most clicks. Create ads that truly reflect what you have to offer. You may get less clicks, but your conversion rate will improve.

              Are you using broad match on some keywords and exact match on others? Using broad match means you are getting impressions on searches that may not really be related to what you sell.

              And last but not least, are your web pages or landing pages really written in such a way as to close sales effectively? Have you had someone write those pages or build those pages who has real experience with online sales? A lot of people can write optimized content, but writing optimized content that closes sales is a different animal.

              Debby also said "One of the best that I personally know of is"

              LOL. Because you work there right? I'm just yanking your chain Debby. Your post was spot on and good advice and your company is probably a very good one. Mine is Maybe we can do some business. I work with other SEO companies all the time. Give me a ring sometime at 786-275-6797. I'm Chris.
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              The real key is the SEO expert you hire. I would take a look at a freelancerwith proven results. Allot of companies can tell you that you will be on first page of Google but nobody can guarrantee it. Although my SEO expert has got every client she has done on the first page of Google, yahoo, ect. So that is the key. I am not going to give away the secret. But dont listen to a salesman. Talk to the SEO expert yourself. A salesman will tell you what you want to hear. The actuall expert will tell you how and why. Thats the differance. If you hope to be on the first page then go with a company. If you WANT to be on the first page no matter what go with the freelancer. You will have a better relationship working with someone 1 on 1 instead of using a company being put on hold over and over. And most of them dont hae a 24 hour on call. Up to you. But it wouldnt hurt to call. Write me if your interested in knowing and learning more. Maybe we can talk.
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                  seoservicepro Ranger
                  bear23, you are right that most SEO companies don't have a 24-hour on call deal, but neither do freelancers . . . well unless your freelancer happens to be a vampire who never sleeps.

                  I built my SEO business by starting as a freelancer. So I understand both. In general, an SEO company is not worse or better than a freelancer. There is good and bad in both and each has different pros and cons.

                  Freelancers are generally cheaper to hire. Less overhead. Some freelancers are very good. But many just do this part-time.A part-time SEO guy cannot learn what a full-time SEO guy can learn. And freelancers can be here today and gone tomorrow. A company can also be here today and gone tomorrow, but there are a lot more legal protections when you do business with a company vs and individual.

                  In addition to that, I have clients that do business with my company that I guarantee you no one freelancer could possibly do all the work it takes to do their project. There are not enough hours in the day. The average project we take on requires more than one person to do all of the work.

                  Plus an SEO company can allow people to become specialists in specific areas. A freelancer would need to be a jack of all trades and a master of none.

                  As an owner of an SEO company, I can assign social bookmarking to someone who specializes in that. I have professional trained bloggers to write blogs for clients. I have professional article writers to write articles. I use different people to write web page content because they need to know more than a blogger or article writer. I have techie guys for server-side stuff, creating applications, etc. Certain people are assigned to handle ppc campaigns because that is what they are good at.

                  I'll use a freelancer to build a graphic, write an article, do some coding, etc. One-time jobs that the freelancer is skilled to do. But I'd never hire a freelancer to run an entire campaign.
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                  Hymesdesign Adventurer
                  I'd try focusing locally for a while, just hand out business cards everywhere you go, at everything you do. Heck put them on bulletin boards when you see them, you never know. That's just a start though, there are plenty of other things you can do to get local business, esp on the web. Just don't give up and eventually you'll succeed maybe not millions and millions but sucess isn't all about money right lol.
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                    SEO.SEM.Geek Adventurer
                    50 clicks for 100 impressions are too good to be true! Average number for CTR (Click through Rate) in adWords normally is less than 3% but for good optimized ad and landingpage it may raise around 5% normally and as average.

                    Here are some tips:
                    1. Monitor your traffic metrics by Google Analytic it is free and you can join it to your AdWords accounts.
                    2. Check your keyword list. for instance if you are selling flowers and you have flowers as keywords your ad will show up for "How to ... Flowers" which you will pay for your clicks but it can't be convert to sales because you don't provide any thing about "How to ...". Consider to add negative keywords to prevent your ad to target every possible but not related keywords. You can find keywords which triggered your ad in your Analytic keyword drill-down report. If you just want to install Analytic tracking code wait 2-3 weeks to have more information to make a good decision.
                    3. If your target market is location base, try to closer your targeting zone
                    4. You have 50% CTR which is too good but it can't be generate proper sales which it means, your ad is very catchy but:
                    4-1. Are your ad message delivering the straight forward message
                    4-2. Can you give your visitors the same offer you said in your ad if yes try different landing page by A-B testing or just try different page with different content to support your ad better
                    5. Try to have different campaign for different DOW and different times of the day.
                    6. Try cost per impression model which you will pay for 1000 impression regardless of click which is just supported for content network.

                    Or find a AdWords expert to optimize your Adwords. You can find good resource here:
                    Good luck
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                      Darren Hughes Adventurer

                      Online marketing is becoming increasing tricky almost by the day. With so many platforms and tools out there, it's a daunting task trying to figure out what to do or where to start.


                      I think it's fantastic that you have been usines Googgle AdWords, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter etc... These are all great tools and should probably be part of your digital mix. It may well be, though, that each, or at least some of these can be used more effectively. For example, how are you engaging potential customers through social networks? It may also be that the keywords you are bidding on in AdWords are not the best choices, if you are seeing low conversion rates. It may also be that you're website is not doing a good enough job at converting traffic, and is in need of some updating. Are you using Google Analytics to track and analyze your traffic?


                      My advice would be to contact a couple of digital marketing strategy companies to see how they can help. The internet can be a wonderful way to grow your business, but like I said earlier, it's very tricky to get right.


                      Best of luck!