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    I feel the need...the need to do everything

    CleanGreenGuy Wayfarer
      The drive to build, achieve, deliver and often prove something is a
      heady mix. Often, the entrepreneur is faced with the problem of plenty. As an example, a technology might have multiple uses in different
      industries with differing business and revenue models. Or a product
      could be developed for different sets of customer bases - such as
      commercial or consumer. Or a website which could do multiple things for
      every kind of customer and offer them every kind of widget. It is very
      attractive to think and say that "I can do everything. Bring it on.".
      The truth of the matter that in most cases, deciding to do multiple
      things at the same time is not the most feasible option.

      Read the article on dealing with business options here:
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          The need to do everything,

          I agree with your post and most of the time a good business plan helps.

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            britinusa Wayfarer
            I feel your pain!
            Hope you are a Type A!
            A roadmap is a really good tool to help keep things in context and order, however don't let it become the goal, it's a tool!
            (I have seen some business roadmaps that were worthy of being a piece of art, complex to the point of obscuring the original intent.)

            As a programmer, I start my development of a new project with a simple outline, basically just identifying the goals (like: Build web shoe store with inventory control)
            Then I break down that goal into smaller and more manageable tasks. That's how we developed our new business ( and even after we did the initial launch, we still refer back to the roadmap, literally to keep us on track!

            I hope the 'everything' includes 'rose smelling' time.

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              phanio Pioneer
              Right - you cannot do everything at one time - but, you can prioritize and manage your time to get the things done that need to be done now - focusing on really matters to your business. Being able to do this is a true gift of being an entrepreneur.
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                DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
                Most people that venture out on their own and start a new business find themselves running in too many directions! Being able to prioritize, having help or someone to delegate some things to can be the difference between succeeding and insanity! Having a business plan does help, but so does being realistic. Setting realistic goals and expectations for yourself. Realize that you cannot do everything RIGHT NOW. Once you accept this reality life can be much less stressful!

                Being able to multi-task is vital to running any business, but knowing the difference between multi-tasking and crazed, stressful flurry of activity is important! Every action should have direct motivation and intention! Focus and achieve!