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    All Children Are The Reasons

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      My name is Carol Donaldson I am a retired Children Services worker and on disability. I recieved a little amount of money and wondered what should I do with it that would make me happy, well afer thinking about it for a month or so I kept having thoughts of children, so I decided to teach children Manners Etiquette and Socila Skills, Yes this is so needed I thought so without hesitation I found a building to rent sent out business cards that read Little Reasons Etiquette Training I brought all the necessary thing for my classes.went around to schools churches and other organizations but it wasnt taking off good but I refused to give up so I offered classes for free at a chruch, good the children loved it the session was for 8 weeks the church wrote a good testamony but still I kept spending but still nothing, Parents and Schools now how important the classes are and they ageed but no money, Im still not giving up I said to myself so with the help of a friend we decided to write a manners books and had it copywritten, To add to the program I decided to add Prince and Princess Parties and a Book Writing Club so I brought more and more, well eventually I spoke to the director of an Adoption Agency and let her know that manners are needed when children are placed into foster homes she agreed and I stated an 8 wk session with them they were excited, even thought I only got paid $50.00 for each session it was not enought to help pay for the $500.00 rent owed each month and the phone and more, so I had to closed it down I dIdnot fill heartbroken because I was doing it for the children. Before I closed I called Childrens Hosipital and ask if I could give the ill children a Prince and Princess Party she said yes the party was a hit we took pictures of the children gave away gifts and played games, the smiles an their faces said it all I had made a princess chair from a wicker chair found at the goodwill it turned out beautiful and the girls loved it, I have tried a to get a web site to no avail. One day while looking in the newspaper there was an article looking for afterschool program tutors so I caled and explained my program to them they loved it I met with them and showed them how the program works and got hired I know teach afterschool for only 2 hours 2 times a week of course I am thristy for more but the children love the classes girls and boys they want yo learn and I am here to teach them, I need help with a 501c3 grant to help me find a building that says Little Reasons Etiquette Training thats what I want for our children that I love.I am going to keep on until I suceed donations are what I need to help until I can get a grant which I will eventually