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    How to Attract Customers to my Business

    Billions Wayfarer
      Hello, my name is Kendrick Jones and I'm a distributor with a 20 year
      old health and wellness company, which is
      new to the U.S. Its headquarters is in Las Vegas. This company is very
      legit and legal!! No doubt about it. I have complete faith in this
      company as far as it getting me out of financial debit and being a very
      good opportunity for other people w/ serious financial problems. I'm
      only 1 month new into this business, and it seems hard for me to
      attract people to me or to sell excellent products to people or enroll
      others into the business. Im in serious financial debt myself
      ($25,000) with very very excellent credit (high 800s); I'm trying to
      keep it that way. I'm very good w/ budgeting but I haven't had no
      income since 11/2008. (I've learned out to stretch out my money since
      then). I have a B.S. degree in Business Administration. I'm located
      in Los Angeles, CA.

      I'm asking anyone for advice, financial help, a win/win situation,
      ANYTHING, so that I can possibly endure this recession a little longer.
      I'm trying to take care of my 5 month old daughter and help my
      household from being homeless. Anything will be appreciated.

      I would really like some help with my business and getting some
      enrollees and customers to buy some of my products.

      Please help!!
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          Sorry to hear about your current financial situation.


          I must admit, I am not a believer in MLM / Network marketing opportunities. I've read various studies indicating that 97% of people in these programs fail. Plus, I know a couple of personal friends who are excellent salespeople struggling with programs they became involved in.


          I know this may not be the answer you are seeking, but I would seriously recommend that you take a second look at how much you spend into your current business to try to convince others to do the same.


          If your goal is to sign up a number of people to your down line, you may be able to find others with troubled finances willing to jump in to a low start-up investment opportunity. But will they be able to produce sales? If they don't produce, what do you earn?


          If your goal is to sell products, you need to find the target market that needs (not just wants) your products. Since a larger percentage of the population is struggling financially and are still uncertain about their situation improving in 2010, they are less likely to spend money on products they perceive as frivolous.


          If you can identify a target market that needs your product, you need to determine how you can grab their attention cost effectively.


          I hope this helps.


          Doug Dolan


          The Solopreneur's Guide


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            alexft Wayfarer

            It`s hard to advice without knowing more however yes if you keen on selling go to local factory warehouse pick bunch of products you feel might sell, open small account with them and sell door to door, fairs, etc.

            Above all step back and see you situation from eyes of observer. Imagine its your friend who is asking for advice, what would you tell him?



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              phanio Pioneer
              Very hard to give specific advice without specific questions. But, think of this. No matter the business you have to first target your customers (this means understanding them - knowing who they are, what they do and where they get their information) then putting the right message in front of them. This is marketing 101. I would suggest that you search the web for sample marketing plans - and read a few that are in similar industries and try to gleen what they are doing to target their customers.

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                britinusa Wayfarer
                Very tough position to be in.
                MLM's (I have been in a few!) can do very well if you work at it. As others have said, watch your spending on the program.

                Look for easy low cost ways to promote your business. Most start with their warm market (Friends, Family, Neighbors) but beware of making a friendship a burden.

                Use all of the social netoworking sites that you can manage (can be very time consuming) certainly start up a blog to report your progress - it's an honesty thing! If you are successful, then your blog will report that naturally, but if it's not working for you, then you'll either drop the blog or you'll leave it for others to read. Just don't knock the company or yourself. MLM requires work.

                Setup a work day schedule just like any other business that you owned.

                Promote - Followup - Review.

                Wish you luck, I have known some very wealthy MLM stars.

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                  DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
                  I completely relate to your current situation! I was the victim (hate that word) of corporate downsizing and have been struggling just to survive ever since! It hasn't been easy and I have had to really, literally put in 14-18 hour days just to make ends meet. I have tried numerous MLM businesses but to no avail. I am not saying they do not work, I am simply saying they did not work for me. I have heard MLM's have been great for others though!

                  With your education and background, you know how quickly life can change. I firmly believe that we attract that which we focus on, so stop focusing on your fears! Start focusing on the positive in order to attract positive events into your life!

                  I know that sounds much easier than it is to accomplish, but it does work. I started out on applying for everything I could possibly qualify for, and have been fortunate enough to have established some very long term working relationships that have just about replaced my former income! It took a few months, it didn't happen overnight. But it did happen!

                  It sounds as if you truly believe in the products you are trying to sell, focus on that! Work on posting on every forum and web 2.0 site you can find! Write articles and become the expert on your product line! Keyword usage and consistent participation on the web 2.0 sites will increase traffic to your site and thereby increasing sales and new members! Take out ads on Craigs List and Ebay! The key is to be seen everywhere possible! Don't under estimate the power of putting up fliers in your area as well!

                  I hope this was helpful and I truly wish you success and happines! (believe it and you can achieve it)
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                    Hi Billions. I just like the sound of that - Billions. Wasn't that a Carl Sagan quote? Certainly the responses you have gotten have been all over the map. Actually the failure rate of people in MLMs is relatively proportionate to the overall number of all businesses that fail. When you realize so many more people get in them because of the low investment, it's pretty on par, I think. I mean, no one calls up millionaires and ask them to come over for a presentation of owning a McDonalds, so factor that in there too. And to own one you have to have a million just to buy the right to have one, a million to open your store, and a spare million to boot. But I want to give you a few things that might actually help.

                    First, it is a good thing to find a business with an expanding market where the solution is hard, if not impossible, to copy. Were there just one company who had figured out T_H_E secret of nutrition, and everyone else was just playing games, the nutrition industry with that company would be a good place to be. But, alas, when each company has its own bank of doctors vouching for this nutritional nuance or that, it is difficult for companies to differentiate themselves. I know. I was in a nutrition company in the 70's. Worked for 10 years. Never made any real money - though many did. I look at that as my training ground. I think I have now found the type of company with the real potential to make a hugh financial impact for many, many lives, and if you'd like information on it, I woudl be glad to share that with you. Expanding market, nearly 40 years of growth when no one else saw the potential, an idea now coming of age, everything an entrepreneur could dream of. And it can be built with or without MLM principles. But, back to you.

                    The one key, which you can read in Think And Grow Rich, is to find someone who is doing it in your industry, in your company, and become a human copy machine. Don't worry about not feeling natural. There are no dollars in your comfort zone, otherwise, you would not have written the post.

                    Few achieve success based on some stroke of genius. If genius worked wealth the universities would be turning out millionaires. College graduates on average have $30K of debt, and take 10-15 years to pay it off. Many never make it. Systems make money. Figure out what your mentor is doing that can be duplicated. This is what I teach my people. Lots of things work. Things that can be duplicated (like, "do you want fries with that?") make fortunes.

                    Doing the things that will make you a real success, a 6-7 figure success, MLM or traditional business, are not likely to be flashy, innovative, or cool. They are more likely to be boring, mundane, and repetitive. The fun is not in the doing of those tasks, it is in the good things you can achieve with the rewards of consistently doing the right things regardless of how boring they seem at the time.

                    Best wishes for much success, Kendrick.
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