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    20+ year old product no longer sold on open market

    kvalenti Newbie
      Miracle Formula- Made 20+ years ago - No longer sold on open market. I have a sample of a product that used to be sold about 20 years ago. It is no longer for sale on the open market. I don't know exactly what is in the sample, but I do know that anyone one with mild food poisoning, stomach flu, or intestinal flu recovers in less than 1 hour after consumption of one teaspoon of this product. I have a very small quantity left, and have had possession of it for 20+ years, and it is still effective.

      I brought some to my brother yestereday; he had mild food poisoning, and in 30 minutes he was up eating pancakes. I would like to discover what is in this sample, and discuss possibly reproducing it. I think the whole world should be able to buy this amazing compound. There is no age limit on who can use it. It is a miracle mixture that I've used on my children and grandchildren and it never fails. The result is always the same. I was told by my father it is 100% natural, so there are no drugs of any kind in the mixture. The minimum required for sample analysis is $25K.