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    Digital product idea, looking for partnership.

    tiandadida Newbie
      Hi firends, I'm doing digital products (online business) in the past 3 years from China to Amercia.

      Please read below, if you have more good ideas just let me know.

      I think anyone can get into it and start over without any money cost. Just need spend some times everyday with your computer or with the local clients. And the profit is good. at least as good as any other types of business.

      The business will include these types of services:

      1- The most popular one is 3D interior renderings. When people decorating their new home, the interior designers will draw them a rendering before they really spend big money, so people can see what their room will be in the future. So we offer 3D rendering to make it like real room.

      If you want to start, just contact the local interior designers to tell them the service. We have competitve price here in China. Designers will find you.

      2- Related with the interior 3d rendering, we also do custom furniture 3d rendering. The clients for this one include custom furniture stores, furniture design firms and furniture factory.

      3- Exterior rendering for buildings; this is only for real estate developers and architect firms.

      4- Scale models, we have a model factory doing archtiectural models. this is not digital products, this is real models. If you are interested, you can take a look at our website.

      5- As we are working in the digital product business for years, we still have partners for doing any 3D types of products. If you have the local clients who need any 3D works, we can discuss and develop the new services together.

      The new services may including 3D game products, game character, Flash AD, falsh game, web design and even movie digital works.

      Be NOTICE, the service I mentioned before all have competitive price than American local market. Will leave a good profit. Because I'm using Chinese source.

      If anyone interested in the digital service business, you may contact me. we can discuss online with skype or MSN or email.

      Skype: arthur.artbiz