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    Boutique start-up inventory

    gramtoall Newbie

      Can anyone advise me as to the amount of inventory needed for a new boutique. This amount will be going into the business plan we are writing and will be needed for the bank. We have 4100 square feet and will be combining a clothing store for big and tall with a screen printing business for shirts etc which has been in business 3 years or more. Thanks. Very difficult to judge how much we need for openers.
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          phanio Pioneer
          You are correct - very hard to judge. Even harder for those who do not have first hand expereince with your b-plan as you do. Here is my suggestion - how long will it take for you to get more inventory? If this period is one month or one quarter or one year - then try to determine how much you think you will sell in that period. Then that is your inventory. What you will find is that as you move forward and get a better idea on what you sell - you will make adjustments to your level of inventory. The goal is always to keep only what you need - but have the means to quickly get more if and when you need it. Thus, you can keep the bare minimum but can get (through relationships with your suppliers) what you need when you need it.

          Right now, you just have to make your best guess (which could also be determined by your financials - how much you need to sell) - as improve as you learn.

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