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    Activity vs Productivity

    rgenerator Newbie

      I used to watch the people at work run around all day long talking about how busy they were. They would talk about all the things they had to do, but never really accomplished anything. They were very active, but not at all productive.
      If they didn’t have anything to do they would get really nervous. I
      think most were afraid if they stopped they would realize how miserable
      they were.


      *Since employees are basically just renting out their time, I
      would hear things like, ‘I like to be busy because it makes the time go
      faster.”* If you stop and think about it, you are saying that
      you want to speed up your time. Since you are going to die someday,
      maybe that is not the best approach, maybe you should find something
      productive and meaningful to do with the limited amount of time you


      What are you busy doing?

      hanging out on facebookmarketing on facebook
      reading a blogwriting a blog
      going to the gymexercising
      reading a bookwriting a book
      surfing the internetbuilding a website
      watching televisionplaying with your kids
      going to a meetingnot going to any meetings ever
      watching sportsplaying sports
      going out to dinnermaking dinner
      working hardworking smart



      Focus on producing, it makes you feel good and creates the things that you want in life. You will get things done and achieve your goals. You will value your time and enjoy your life, instead of just trying to hurry up and get it over with.