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    How did you get started in clothing sales business?

    misslittle Newbie
      I, have decided to go into the sale of clothing.There is always a demand for clothing especially for females who are big and beautiful. So after doing a little research I, decided it would be a good way to start my own business. I, am very customer oriented and I, have always had the ability to sell whatever I, am selling. So please, so help how do I, start? What is the best way to start? So far I, have a business and the know how to reach my clients. Thank you
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Misslittle. Lots of luck in starting your new business, the sale of clothing.
          Tell more about yourself and why and how you are going to start selling cloths.
          Will you be selling from a store?? How about a Business and Marketing Plan??
          Do you have the money to start?? The more you tell us, the better we can help you succeed.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              misslittle Newbie

              Hi Luckiest,


              Happy holidays to you and your family. Thanks for responding. Luckiest I, am a 30 years old and a single parent of one child. I, live on the island of Jamaica and i enjoy travelling, swimming, dancing, meeting new and interested people, cooking and baking which I, am very good at. Well the reason I, have decided to start this clothing business besides working for others is that after doing a survey I realised that there is no store in Jamaica that caters to the specific clothing needs of people who are big and beautiful. I know there is a need for this. I have had experience working in the clothing business and whenever stocks were brought in the larger sizes were the first to go. In terms of finance I, have will be financing this business venture out of pocket from money I, have saved whhich is about $2000 US in your currency. I will be be selling from a store with my budget for rental being anywhere from $20,000- $30,000 ($300- $430 US). I do have a business plan and I know the avenues to take to market my store. One such avenue is the Sunday Gleaner, this is a paper that majority of Jamaican read. Hope I, have answered your question.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Misslittle, another suggestion

              h3. 6Steps to Small Business Success

              1. Start Smart
              2. Plan Ahead
              3. Set up Systems
              4. Seek out Sales
              5. Aim for Growth
              6. Leverage Opportunities



              1. Start Smart.
              Identify a niche. Don't compete to be the lowest cost provider. Look
              for what makes your product or service unique and adds a special value
              for the client and charge for that value. Every business has many
              facets. Start with what you know and like; start a business that has
              meaning to you. Keep in mind that we don't know what the future holds,
              many of the jobs and businesses of tomorrow don't exist today. You can
              create your own success.


              Now is the time to dream. To start smart, you should like the idea of
              the business. The way to earn a good income and build wealth is by
              serving clients well, making their life better in some way-it's more
              than filling a need in the marketplace. To succeed you want to test the
              idea to make sure your potential clients like the idea too. Test your

              2. Plan Ahead.
              People often ask me why bother with a business plan? Look at the
              lottery as an example. You may get lucky and get the winning ticket,
              but the odds are against you when you rely on random chance. I'm a risk
              taker...but not that much, minimize the risk of going into business and
              maximize your potential for success. Take the time to write a plan of
              how you get from point A to point B. A plan gives you a clear future
              focus and increases your chances of success.


              The first rule of a start-up is put some of your own money in the
              business. As the owner you must be willing to capitalize the business.
              The second rule is put as little of your own money as possible in the
              business. Prepare your plan and look for funding for your business from
              multiple sources, which can include a business loan or business line of


              Don't go it alone. Plan ahead now to build your team. Your team may
              include a CPA and an attorney that you work with as needed. Add a
              mentor from your industry and get a SCORE mentor to help you plan for
              success. No one has all the answers. You get more ideas and information
              by building a success, support team that can help you plan ahead.

              3. Set up Systems.
              The most basic system every business should have is a good financial
              system. Ask yourself how am I going to generate enough income to
              support myself and my family. Begin here. Put together a personal
              budget, so you know what it costs you to live. Now, you can move on to
              the business budget and sales planning, so you can see how many sales
              you need to break even and make a profit. The start-up expense plan,
              operating budget and your accounting software are vital to your



              4. Seek out Sales.
              The daunting question is how do you go about seeking out your first
              sale. Recognize that since you don't have a big ad budget to be seen by
              everyone, you need to target a niche and get connected in your market
              community, be it local, regional or national. You need other people
              selling for you-not employees-goodwill referrals. Get out and talk to
              as many people as you can. Join organizations that would have clients
              for your product or service. Become a visible part of your market, and
              then ask for the sale. You begin the sales process with people that you
              know. Yes, it's okay to start with friends and family as your first
              customers, and then broaden from there.



              5. Aim for Growth.
              The basic tenant of creating a company is that you own the company. You
              are not just creating a job for yourself. It's less risk and less
              investment to get a job. Building a business is creating a company that
              is more than the job itself. Think about the future. How large do you
              want the company to be in terms of sales, net profit and employees?
              Your answer to each of these questions will influence how you grow.
              There are varying costs and profits associated with growth. It's
              important to make a deliberate choice early about how you want to grow
              your company.


              6. Leverage Opportunities.
              Good luck. Good fortune. Good timing. All play a part in business. As a
              business owner, be very clear about your core focus for the business
              and how it serves clients. Your core business is what pays the bills.
              Then, as an entrepreneur you are about opportunity. When you see a
              potential opportunity or stroke of luck measure it against your core
              business focus. Good fortune is great, when it matches your vision for
              the business. Always consider if a good opportunity is the right fit
              for your business. If something looks great, but it's not in sync with
              your long-term plan and budget, think carefully before committing your
              company's resources.
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                CorpCons08 Ranger


                Welcome to the Bank of America Small Business Online Community.
                It is always a pleasure to see new entrepreneurs on this website.
                As LUCKIEST has said, you have the idea, you have the skills, and you have the location picked out.


                Have you prepared a financial projection to ensure you have enough capital for this project?


                My firm specializes in commercial financing, so if you need additional capital we could speak to you.


                How have you selected your suppliers? If so, how much is it going to cost to get your initial shipment?


                I look forward to working with you. Best wishes this holiday season.


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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    CC8, Are your bags packed?? Looking for a trip to the Island of Jamaica??
                    Hope so, LUCKIEST
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                      misslittle Newbie



                      Thanks for your input. Well let me be straight with you about two years ago I, lost practically everything I, own materially speaking you know house,car and business so I, am back at square one. Anyhow I, have never been one to feel sorry for my self, after getting a job and saving for a year, I have decided to go out on my own. CorpCon08, I wish I, could have gotten a loan but for one I, do not have any collateral security to stand garauntee. So I, will have to start small and build slowly, one thing I, know for sure is the is a demand and I know I can supply. I really appreciate your offer. I do have a supplier in mind who I, will use for a short time before I, cut the middleman. I still have some details to work out some deatils interms of final costs. I have to creep for now. Anyway Jamaica is not only beautiful this time for year but also very festive.So come on down.
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                          CorpCons08 Ranger
                          I commend you for your "never say quit" attitude. It is the right attitude to have. You will bounce back, you sound like you have a good head on your shoulders. Lets ensure that you take all of the steps to move this in the right direction and get you growing. I would suggest preparing a small financial projection at this time. A financial projection is something that can be changed many times throughout the start of a company, but it is useful in giving you an idea on how you should spend any intitial investment you are putting into this company. Financial projections are also very important in the lending arena. Let me know if I can help you in any way that I can.

                          As far as a trip...I have not been there in many years and would love to return. I'm sure the festivities are beautiful right now. Warmest regards to you and yours this holiday season.

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                              misslittle Newbie
                              Thanks for your help so far. I have had a little dissappointment, the person that I, was renting the store from decided to break the agreement that we had at the last minute. You see he was orginally renting the place for $50,000 Ja furnished but because the rent was too expensive for me I had convinced him to rent it to me unfurnish for $30,000 Ja. If I, had rented it for the 50gs then I, would not be able to buy the amount of stock that I, want. So I, am back to hunting for a store again. What would your business plan look like if you had say $2000 Us to start your Co. What would be your financial projection? I am feeling a bit diappointed right now because of not getting this store but such is life hmm. I, hope all is well for you.
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                                  LUCKIEST Guide
                                  Misslittle, Do NOT GIVE UP, Maybe you and the store can work out an arrangement.
                                  Like starting with a lower rent in the beginning and having the rent raise every 6 months as your business grows.
                                  It is called NEGOTIATIONS, work on it, LUCKIEST
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                                      misslittle Newbie

                                      Hi Luckiest,
                                      How was your holiday? Hope it was great for you and you family. My dear I,tried everything I, could think of to make it work. He wanted to sell me the fixtures at the prices that the new ones cost and that was so unfair of him. I got to the point of even agreeing and even suggesting that he set up a payment plan , but then I thought about it and overall it would cost me about $80,000Ja each month and that would be way out of my reach. There are somethings that I need to buy a refridgerator,a stove because guess what I, am starting over my entire life from scartch anyway I, will just have to be patient and keep looking until I, find what I am looking for. I will get what I want eventually trust me I will be busting my chops. In the mean time I would love for you do me a favour, Ihave done a business plan already but I would love it if you would show me what your business business plan would look like if you were starting a clothing store. Hey thanks for the encouragement. The same amount of success that I, would want for myself I, want it for you all the best for the new year.
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                                      CorpCons08 Ranger
                                      Sorry to hear about your misfortune with your business partner.
                                      I hope that your holidays were great never-the-less.
                                      Have you spoken to SCORE about a complimentary business plan?
                                      I see that LUCKIEST has been speaking to you about doing one.

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                                stick2basics Newbie
                                What I would do is maybe go down to a fashion school and hire one or two interns an low or no cost, design the items yourself or find a clothing manufacture that can make them for you. Start by marketing your product to local clothing business in your area. Sell them at local events, maybe even ebay for starters.

                                This can really be low cost, you can start with $2000 and get your line to sell prior to opening your own store.