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    Looking for a manufacturer

    KZJ831 Newbie

      I am looking for a manufacturer in the state of texas are any where in the united states are overseas. I am doing a clothing line for children. I al ready have the design and how I want them to look, just need someone to help me make them and things like that.

      If you have any suggest please leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

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          knowhosting Wayfarer
          You probably should look for the Texas equivalent of the garment district. I'm sure you have some equivalent of that in Houston. The easiest thing to do may be to just go on and post in the Houston area. Maybe someone on there can point in the right direction.

          I know you can find people in Los Angelas and New York City who do that kind of work.

          Try doing a search in Google for "clothing manufacturers usa" and you will get many results. The companies will usually have someone on staff that will work with you to get the look you want.

          Good luck!

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            wordperfect Scout

            Hello, my advice is similar, check out the local assuming you are in Texas of course! situation first via their network.


            At the moment it may be better to deal locally, support domestic economy etc as well as have more direct control, but if you are thinking of an offshore manufacturer and you have sizeable quantities that make it cost effective, I welcome you to contact us.


            I am not in US, I am actually a Brit in China, Beijing to be exact, and we have a marketing company. Now, whilst we don't make clothes, we have had clients who have and who maybe interested, especially as the last year has been a wee bit tough on some Chinese rag trade merchants.


            We also do very thorough research so can have a wee decko at any one who you may be thinking of working with, just to give you some added security, especially the dime a dozen "suppliers" and agents who are here .


            We are WPBeijing, our details are in my profile.


            Good luck


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                KZJ831 Newbie
                Thank you so much for commenting back to me. Can you please send a email so we can talk about how we can start and what the prices and things like that is going to be. My email is Thank you so much for everything okay
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                    wordperfect Scout

                    You are most very welcome.


                    My advice, for what it is worth, is to check out the two local posters here, esp the last one with the factory in US, see how his services and prices work for you, things are tough, you should be able to negotiate a good deal.. If you are just starting and looking at small initial quantities then he may be a good beginning.


                    Get a "feel" for what is offering there and local first, then you have something to compare with and make an informed decision. We are happy to give you some advice later re factories in China, but would need details of quantities, fabrics etc that you plan, then we can have a look around and see what is available.


                    Bear in mind we only have a small share of the market, there are literally tens of thousands of such factories in China, some great, honest and reputable with high quality goods and service, others are dodgy in the extreme.


                    Same goes for so called "agents" or suppliers, many are just looking for a quick buck and cannot be trusted. So if you do decide to source ex China we can do some background research on your proposed supplier or who ever and give you something more secure to go with.


                    Come back to me when you have checked the home market and can give me details.


                    Good luck,
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                  Hi! search for help is something else isn't it. I have company female owned, in the US that designs and manufactures a speciality line of young women's clothing, it is seasonal so, if your product will fit within our capacity we may have solved your problem. We are in the chicago area, been in business ten years and our goals are quality and satisfaction. If your are interested, send contact information. sonnie
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                    I source for products in China. If you can send us copies or exact designs of what you want and the number of items desired, we can start from there.

                    Just reply back to this response and we can get started.