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    5 Ways to Stay Positive in Your Business

    behappynfree Newbie

      2009 Has Been Filled with Adversity for Everyone.

      Each of us have faced negative hurdles to get over in our businesses, our financial freedom or our personal lifestyles this year.

      I have developed 5 steps I take each day to keep myself on track, remain focused and positive.
      If you are a Sole Trader or Internet Marketer your daily work situation can leave you feeling isolated, depressed and easily distracted.

      Try to stick to these 5 Daily tasks for 2 weeks and see the improvement in your Attitude, Success and Daily Abundance.

      email me with your stories.

      1. *Live Your Life in Gratitude*- wake up and mentally list the things in your life you are grateful for, share with a friend or family.

      2. *Goal Setting*- set goals, daily, weekly, monthly, 6 monthly and Blow Your mind goals.

      3. *Daily Visualising*- vision your goals, feel them, see how your life will, be once you have achieved these goals, eg A New Mercedes- Get a picture of the car, take one for a test drive, imagine yourself picking it up from the dealership,driving, the colour, the feel of the leather seats, changing gears etc, give yourself permission to Succeed

      4. *Excercise*- Spend 30 mins daily doing some kind of excercise

      5. *Action*- You must take action, NO Business is going to have success unless you the owner takes action to make it work.

      Set Up a DMO on a Spreadsheet, make time for Personal Development, Placing Ads, Reasearching New Ideas, Calling customers, calling old customers,emails, newsletters, updating Social media Pages, Become a Leader-set up a chat group, send out a newsletter.

      These are five simple tasks if performed daily will improve your outlook on life, keep you Professionally focused, assist you in Personal

      "To have success in your life you need"- A Clear Vision

      An Unstoppable Mindset

      And True Grit

      Scott Burrows- check out his website a truly inspirational man.