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    help with establishing warehousing & trucking

    adheelsaeed Wayfarer
      could any1 help out with some advice in establishing warehousing and trucking for us as an agent for cargo clearing

      hope to hear some constructive advices


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          If you could provide more detail about your warehousing and shipping requirements, you may receive some better responses - i.e. types of products (auto parts or electronic components) for storage and shipping (frequency and quantity).


          You could solely seek out 3PL (third party logistics) companies to provide receiving, warehousing, repackaging and shipping services. You can either choose the shipping service or find what options the 3PL companies include.


          The other option is to go with a company that provides both services like UPS Logistics.


          It really depends on the types of products you are shipping, location needs for hubs, frequency and quantity of shipments.


          Doug Dolan


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