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    Home based business

    Dara_lib Newbie
      Any serious home based business you know I can be part of? Thanks.
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          knowhosting Wayfarer
          You should take a look at There are many work a home moms on there. I'm sure they'll have really great suggestions for you.
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            Brocante64 Wayfarer
            Hi Dara; - serious home based business opportunities - sorry to be sceptical, but there is NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY out there offering to let you make money instead of them. I am not saying that they are all scams, but be very cautious before parting with your money. It is impossible to generalise here, but the majority of these "opportunities" are based around the concept of you "buying" the idea - and then selling it on to others. It is dressed-up in a myriad of different ways with language that will tug at your heartstrings in an effort to open your pocketbook...................

            My advice to you is stay away. If you want to create a web business then start your own; examine your own capabilities, what you enjoy doing and then look at all the angles to see if there is something there you can sell.
            Believe me, in the long run you will be much happier working with your own idea than with something that someone else has sold you, and the chances of you succeeding with your own idea are at least as good because you will be working on something you actually believe in - and that will show to your potential clients.

            If you want some more advice about setting up your own website look us up at send us an email & we will give you whatever advice we can

            Good Luck
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                quickdesign Adventurer
                they are all scam. 95 percent.

                it s pyramidal systems.
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                    bridetobe321 Newbie
                    Every business, from Subway to Tiffany's to Volvo to Trump Network is a pyramid:

                    The guy at the top makes all the money, while the people below make it for him.

                    Do some research, your answer lacks credibility and evidence.
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                        roimarket Adventurer
                        If you are in sales (which I have been in for 8 years), the one thing that you learn is that your money is made based on your efforts. If you are looking for a "salary"; then this type of business is not for you. If you are a true entrepreneur, then running your own business is more appealing.

                        Take the time to assess who "you" are and what you can do. If you did not make any money in that sales structure, it's because you did not treat it as your own business! Also, ... learn to think outside the box! Don't recruit hoping to make money off others, but off of your products. Are your products truly innovative? Can you leverage them against the competition? Are you networking? Did you have goals and objectives?

                        Direct Marketing is one of the oldest and strongest marketing plans with respect to sales. There are many legitimate and excellent MLMs out there.
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                    cticonstructi Newbie
                    If you are looking to make some extra cash, take a look at LiveOps. You only pay upfront for your background/credit check and that's it. You take calls from home taking orders from informercials. It is considered a sales position as you have to try and push other items on the callers. You get paid per minute you are on the phone and also bonuses for the additional products you sell.
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                      bridetobe321 Newbie
                      There are several excellent home-based businesses that you can become a part of. However, you have to do your research! You need to evaluate both yourself and the opportunity to see if it will be a fit.

                      Some things to consider:

                      Your work ethic: will you be committed enough to do the work?
                      Are you a risk taker: being a business owner means venturing into new territories and learning. Are you willing to take risks to be successful?
                      What are your passions: find an opportunity that you believe in. Having experience in that specific market is usually not required if you have a strong support network within the organization.
                      What is the investment: any legitimate business requires start-up costs and operating costs, plain and simple. Do you have enough capital right now in order to sustain your start-up for the next 6 months?

                      If you have any questions, I have "been there and done that" with every imaginable type of home-based business. I can tell you the pros and cons of each income structure and provide you with some non-biased, third-party review sites to do some research on.

                      Email any time.
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                        We have jobs for work-from-home moms that are not a pyramid scheme, any form of MLM, or try to get you buy some sort of guide to then re-sell to others. Our model is simple-- small businesses might be on the web, but they're not ranking on Google. And more importantly, their web efforts are not driving traffic and business. There are number of companies selling online listings services from almost free to a few hundred bucks a month. We're the real thing, as we have verified feeds with Google and direct with InfoUSA, among other providers. I used to work at Yahoo! and did significant research before starting.

                        You're not going to get rich quick with us, nor can you just sit and home and watch the money roll in without having to talk to people. But if you're willing to consult with small businesses that really want this service-- starting at only $10 a month, let me know and I'll send you materials to review.

                        Not a quick fix, but it is an honest living with a decent residual, provides flexibility for your family, and does measurable good for your clients.

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                          momshealthbiz Newbie
                          I have been involved with a home based business going on 2 years now. I do agree with some of the other posters that most are scams. I received my nursing license but wanted to stay at home with my two little girls ages 2 and 3 years old. This company has allowed me to do that and still make a great income from home. Are there scams out there, Yes!! I have been working for a company that has been in business for 18 years and going strong, we offer discounted health benefits to people who can not afford them. Some people are skeptical because of what the president of the USA is saying he is trying to do, but this is not going to hurt my business. I don't see these changes in our health care system coming anytime soon.Plus we already have universal health care systems in place for many states already and my company works with them. So even if he does have the perfect plan that everyone can afford health care, you still are going to have out of pocket expenses and deductibles which my company helps.

                          So the key to be successful in any home based business is to be passionate about it. Isn't that the reason we all want to start a business anyway? It is because we care about what we are starting. I love my business I love helping others and being in the health care industry! Now I get to do that from home and still raise my children. I also volunteer for the Houston EMS Council and help all the patients that have no insurance but the EMS still has to take care of get insurance and get the EMS paid for there services that they provide. I also am a Provider Relations Rep. with the company I am working for at home, my home based business and get to have contact with physicians and other health care providers to offer our plan of discount to there patients. So back to the question, some companies are REAL and some are not. Just do your homework and make sure it is something you believe in. If you don't really believe in what you are doing, are you going to have success with the company. NO it is just like any other job, you have to learn how to be a network marketer. Most people blame the companies when in fact it is the person. Most people want a get rich quick scheme and nothing in life is that easy. If you work hard, believe in what you are doing, and doing it for the good of others you will be successful!

                          Good Luck!
                          Jill Stay at home mom of 2 little girls/Nurse/EMS Council
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                            roimarket Adventurer
                            My partner and I have just purchased a small franchise Home Based business through ACN: It "very" legitimate. My partner and I have just applied for certification through our state to be put on the contractor's list for sales.

                            If you would like to talk further, give me a call at (866) 638-3307 or send an email to I can explain more to you.

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                              Leadboots Newbie
                              I don't post here that often, although I lurk quite a lot, and I think that bridetobe321 has hit the nail on the head with the list of things to consider.

                              "Your work ethic: will you be committed enough to do the work?"

                              If you want to run a home based business then you need to be committed. You can't just decide to start a busiess and then not do the work. You will only get out what you put in, so if you want to make money then you need to invest your time and treat it seriously.

                              "Are you a risk taker: being a business owner means venturing into new territories and learning. Are you willing to take risks to be successful?"

                              Depending on your business you may need to take some risks and you will definitely need to learn some new skills. It may mean that you need to get out of your comfort zone a litte but there are things that you can do with a bit of determination.

                              I work from home as a secretary but I also run a part time business writing websites. This provides me with an additional income that almost equals my full time secretary's salary.

                              "What are your passions: find an opportunity that you believe in. Having experience in that specific market is usually not required if you have a strong support network within the organization."

                              I agree and disagree with this statement.

                              If you are truly passionate about your knowlege or prodcut and are looking for ways to share it then you will come across as a person who cares and not just someone who's out to make a fast buck and move on to the next person.

                              It is true that if you have a good support network this can help you, but if you have no idea what a business opportunity is about how can you be convincing to your prospective clients or customers? They will see through you quicker than you can say Donald Trump and they will be very resistant to buying your product or service because of your seeming insincerity.

                              "What is the investment: any legitimate business requires start-up costs and operating costs, plain and simple. Do you have enough captial right now in order to sustain your start-up for the next 6 months?"

                              I badly wanted to work for myself but when I first started writing websites it cost me, so I had to keep working and I had to use my savings to pay the costs involved. Now though, because of the investment of not just my money but also my time, I make enough to not only cover the cost of my sites but also to show a nice profit. I use a service called Site Build It, if you Google "wahm sitesell" without the quotes, you'll see that the first result will tell you more.

                              There's a very good, free ebook that you can download that gives you all kinds of ideas about starting a home business. It was written by three people who are all stay at home mothers and it gives you practical steps that you can take to start your own home business, including how to research it properly.

                              It's not a get rich quick schem, you WILL have to do a LOT of work, but you can be extremely successful at it when you love what you're doing. I few years ago I went to a business conference (for my work) in Chicago where I met a young woman called Luisa Cupeles. She is making an immense amount of money from a website about a Caribbean island called Vieques. If you Google "vieques travel guide" her site comes up on the top 4 or 5 results.

                              If you read the site you can tell that she's writing about a place that she REALLY loves, it just pours out of the pages. If you go to her contact page on that site and click on the link that says About Us (or something similar) you can see how she got started writing about Vieques.

                              This wasn't something that she did overnight, it took her several years to reach the point that she's at now. BUT, this website allows her to stay at home with her young son. It allowed her to nurse her elderly parents. And, now she's done all the groundwork, it gives her the freedom to do what she wants to do, when she wants to do it.

                              The other thing to remember if you're thinking about starting your home buiness is that it IS a business, not a hobby. You will need to do as I did and train your family to understand that just because you are at home you are not always available to meet their every whim, you are actually WORKING. If you want your customers and clients to treat you as a business person then you have treat them properly too. Sometimes it's a real challenge to get your family to understand that!

                              There are of course loads of ways to earn money at home but SBI is by far the best one in my experience.

                              Hope this helps, best wishes for your endeavours.
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                                bestgal Newbie
                                The only legit home based businesses i ran into involve using google adsense to generate revenue. I ran across this site that actually pays its users 50% of the adsense profits from the site by submiting interesting articles and links related to businesses. All you do is put you publisher code in your profile page and start submitting interesting links you find while surfing the web. People vote on them and they become popular, and you get paid....i was skeptical at first but i actually made a decent supplemental income working about an hour a day ($100 a week). That isnt bad given im surfing the web anyways. Hope i can help!
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                                  Niftygirl Wayfarer
                                  Do you have any skills? Pursue that and make it your business.
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                                    ladysaat Wayfarer
                                    I have been working from home since I was 23. I'm not here to recruit
                                    you btw, so I hope you keep reading. I have tried home based businesses
                                    and spent years (literally) searching for the right one. I didn't find
                                    it. Meaning not working for a company/group/someone else. So again, I'm
                                    not here to recruit you or anything.

                                    What I learned over the years was that the basic truths are just that.
                                    True. There is no "free lunch" when it comes to working and making
                                    money. Working from home is no different. So here is my honest advice to

                                    Sit down at a time when you can really focus and think, out loud if you
                                    need it. Get the good old pen and paper/ipad/laptop/ whatever out.. and
                                    answer some questions for yourself.

                                    What do you really enjoy? What do you know alot about? The two usually
                                    are not mutually exclusive usually.

                                    When you say work from home, what are you really meaning? Home all the
                                    time, home based but you're out everyday doing things? Home based but
                                    networked to a local company?

                                    Starting a business is never cheap, free, or instantaneous. I don't care
                                    what they tell you. It isn't. Otherwise no one would work anywhere else
                                    and we'd all be very wealthy due to no overhead and 99.99% success

                                    What capital do you have set aside? Is changing from working outside the
                                    home to homebased going to affect your current finances? If so, what do
                                    you have in savings to cover it until you replace current income levels
                                    or close enough to them?

                                    Now that you know what you want to do, how you want to do it, and how
                                    much you have to invest in doing it, it is time do your homework.

                                    List each opportunity. What they do (sales, mlm, customer service,
                                    parties, etc) briefly. Then list the TOTAL cost of start up. Not just
                                    the 39.95 membership fee, or 199.99 merchandise pack. But the whole
                                    thing you'd have to pay that first month.

                                    Then research the company that is offering the opportunity. The BBB,
                                    local chamber of commerce, google (yes... even them.. by reading all the
                                    wierd stuff that comes up.. you'll start to see a general pattern) are
                                    great places to start.

                                    Finally when you have narrowed down your specific choices, look at the
                                    big ticket deal. The money. What will you make, by when, and is it for
                                    real? Meaning.. is it a random figure that "might" happen? Is it salary?
                                    Is it guaranteed? Is it factual? If someone tells you that you will
                                    make 14,376.93 in 23 days you need to know exactly how and get that in

                                    Be smart about your choices. The only reason I am writing all these
                                    questions for you to consider is because I learned, yes the hard way a
                                    time or two, that they need to be asked.

                                    I hope you find the opportunity of your dreams. There is so much out
                                    there, with a little work you can. Just always remember if it looks too
                                    good to be true, if sounds too good to be true, and you don't have "to
                                    work" to do it.. yeah, it probably is. Listen to that little inner
                                    voice, no matter how bad you want to work from home. One day you will
                                    successfully be doing it, and hopefully have gotten there with minimal

                                    Hope this helped in anyway!
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                                      KARLAAMAYA Adventurer
                                      Hi Dara,

                                      Having your own business means alot of work and you have to really like what you do. My advise to you is sit down and put your cards on the table. Brainstorm and see what it is you want to achieve, what are your goals. Think about what you love to do, all the experiences and skills you posess then you'll figure out the type of business you should go for. Hope this helps a little bit. :)


                                      Karla Amaya