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    Advertising Ideas?

    21centoffices Newbie
      Hello All,

      This being my first post I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Jonathan Robbins and I'm President of 21st Century Offices. We're located in New York City and we are looking for new ways to advertise/promote our business.

      So far we have tried advertising in a local morning newspaper with little to no results from it. Craigslist has recently become a little more effective after changing our strategy slightly. I recently joined a couple forums to try and get some more insight for advertising my business.

      Any help is greatly appreciated!

      Jonathan Robbins
      21st Century Offices
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          Vince Adventurer

          On behalf of the community, I'd like to welcome you and thank you for taking the first step in being an active member by posting your question. We encourage all of our members to ask questions and/or post information that other members would find to be useful. Small businesses are the lifeblood of the country and this community is here to help support them. There is already a wealth of information on the site, might I recommend you use the search box to find expert articles that may provide some answers while the community begins to help.

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              21centoffices Newbie
              Thank you Vince!

              I'll search the site and come back to you guys with any questions that are still unanswered.


              Flash banners are not a bad idea but I'm unsure if would create the traffic we're looking for. Could you expand a little more on what types of sites you would add a flash banner to?
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                  wmiller Newbie

                  With just a quick glance at your website, I noticed that you don't have a signup form to gain your visitor's contact information. The signup form you have on there is more of an 'order form'. Can I suggest you change this 'order form' to a 'join our email list and receive exclusive discounts' form? Then you can start to grow an email marketing list, follow up with them, send discount offers, etc.

                  One other thing...on your 'contact us' page, I would recommend making the email address a live link, so that someone can simply click on it to send an email. Having to copy it, open their email client, paste, etc can be tedious to some people. The easier it is to get in touch with you, the better.

                  Just my 2 cents...
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                rohnsmith Newbie
                I have some in market of internet.Create flash banners of your site and then contack another related sites an put banners on that.
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  Your service sounds perfect for a small business owner looking for space for a meeting. Maybe you should get a list of home based businesses, a local research company can compile a list for you based on your criteria. I would also contact small business consultants and bankers to see if any of their clients could use your services. Think about advertising on some of the local business radio shows. If you can get the list, I would do a direct mail campaign. Email marketing would also be great.

                  Think about business travelers that have to come into town for presentations - legal, advertising, financial and the like. Tons of people are doing business out of coffee houses, those are the people you need to reach also. You could even offer a student rate for during exams periods or project times.

                  Craft your message as a smart business decision for a growing business. Talk about making the first impression, a lasting impression.

                  I know this is only one portion of your business but it offers the best opportunity for growth. This is about pounding the pavement. Maybe host some events to get people to visit a location - invite a business related speaker and have plenty marketing material to pass out.

                  I am firing from the hip, so a lot of this you may have thought of but I thought I would throw them out there. I hope they help.
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                      21centoffices Newbie

                      Those are great ideas and I'm going to get to work on all of them. Definitely a problem when something looks like a link and doesnt work like one.

                      Great ideas! A homebased business list would be a new path to walk down, thank you for pointing that out. I haven't yet tried email marketing or direct mail, which would be a good way to get something right into the hands of a potential client. Cold calling for this line of business seems to reap little benefits thus far.

                      I'll be back here with what I've done and would definitely like to get feedback from you guys!

                      Thanks! Happy Holidays!
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                      ibrahimusman Newbie
                      Greetings ,

                      I could market you or your products here in West African countries.....

                      Let plan ahead, how can I contribute to your company ?

                      I could be your agent/representative/mandate here in west african countries with reliable net-working.

                      Whatever a man is doing,he should do it exceptionally....

                      The way to get blessing is to be open to learning..

                      Take care of your Soul!.
                      Ibrahim Alade Usman
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                          wordperfect Scout

                          Hello Ibrahim, welcome to the forum.


                          Nigeria huh?


                          As I am sure you know, your country has recently earnt a bad rap for some of the Internet scams so you may find people are a bit wary. I also tend to call a spade a freakin shovel, am not really not known for my diplomacy so please excuse my directness.


                          Abrahim, we are based in China and China has strong business connections with West and East African countries so I am open to initial negotiations with you bearing in mind my opening comment.


                          We currently have a small team of agents who represent us in various countries, if you are genuine and serious may I direct you to


                          If after reading that you are still interested maybe then we can discuss ways we can work together for mutual benefit.
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                          seoservicepro Ranger

                          We have a lot of real estate clients. One thing I'd like to suggest is that even though you may have a website that is in a system that gives you "handshake" and other tools that you need to have, do not just depend on that system site for your organic listings. You need a website and/or a blog on another domain name to help drive traffic to that real estate system website.

                          In addition to that, you can advertise on and/or sponsor other real estate, mortgage, loan related blogs that already have traffic, like . You can also do the same on blogs that are about your geo-targeted area, even if they are off-topic.
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                            dpeterson Wayfarer
                            I am a strong proponent of SEO promotion. One of my clients is a back-end provider of SEO services such as blog posting and article writing. ( ) These types of programs can certainly drive keyword specific traffic you your web site. ( PS: Please change the title of your home page to tell the world exactly what you do - also place some H3 tags around this " New York City's premier Virtual Office, Executive Suite, and Meeting Space provider " )

                            HOWEVER, As a sales trainer and a sales consultant I don't like to rely on e-stuff as the only method of gathering leads. You also need to join the local Chamber of Commerce and any other networking group you can get involved in. If people do not know about your service or your locations go out and tell them in any method available within your advertising budget.

                            Given your NY,NY address I bet there are 100 networking organization right around you that can help you get the word out for almost nothing.

                            Good luck, always remember the e-stuff is good but that doesn't mean the other forms of marketing are bad.

                            David Peterson - President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting
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                                snvservices Wayfarer

                                I strongly prefer to go for some better SEO processes like blog posting, article marketing and some adsence so that you can easily advertise your services accordingly also, you can go through social networking sites like linkedin, facebook or twitter like when you are article marketing then there are different sites that are having social networking option so it is important for you to put your feed there so that to get other people to know about your services which get highlights infront of several people.


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                                lynny05 Wayfarer
                                You mentioned Craigslist as one way in which you advertise. Have you tried the many other classified ad websites similar to Craigslist? Granted, it takes a lot of time to go to each site, sign up for an account, write an ad for each one... and on and on. That's why I started a business in which I help other businesses through this process - basically doing all the work of creating and placing the ads so they don't have to. I don't charge exorbitant fee's for this as it costs me very little to do it - mainly just my time. (Rates range from $14.99 - $34.99 for a 1 month ad.) This in turn keeps the cost down for the business as they get local, statewide and national advertising for their business that can reach from thousands to millions of potential new customers. If you'd like to know more about how it works, you can go to my website (link below) or email me at
                                All the best for your businesses success!


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                                  yehia1 Newbie

                                  fridge magents
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                                      snvservices Wayfarer
                                      well whatever the advertising idea you stated here is no doubt very good to keep in mind and to implement it further, as there are no doubt lot many other ways to advertise also as it can be done through classifieds as there are many free classified sites that are very good to place free related to your services or the products that you want to promote so that to get more traffic to your web site which is very good as there are lot of other options like advertising your services, blogs or the products through social netowrking sites that will also provide you with the traffic and with the revenues to your site.


                                      I think free classified sites and craigslist is one of the best way of advertising whatever you want to. another medium is a social networking sites like Facebook and twitter which are the best sources of providing lot of traffic to your services and the products.



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                                      PremiereMedia Wayfarer
                                      Do video wal throughs of the places for sale or rent. Show your personality, give info about hte town the homes. Be honest if its not so great tell them and than tell them what a great deal this fixer upper is, a value a steal if your are handy and can afford it.
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                                        A lot of my clients are starting to use the voice broadcasting (robo calls) a lot now. From politicians to "general annoucements", my clients load up a list of clients and send out a prerecorded messages to thousands of recipients for less than $100. It is a very effective way to reach the masses, and not have to sit and hand dial each one telling about some exciting feature.

                                        I can show an example, feel free to email me at




                                        Ilya Bodner
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                                          ExclusiveCall Newbie
                                          We can help you advertise your business please check out our website to see our services we provide. Or call us at 949.777.6682, I just checked out your website and I think it is a great idea especially in todays economy for anyone to go virtual.