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    Where do I start with a home based candy business?

    CandyMaker Newbie
      I have a true gift for making candy, and dispite our economy I have a fire burning under me to start a business with my skills. I am however at a loss for what I need to do to get my passion off the ground. If someone can help me with the different aspects of the things I need to look into and get into order to start that would be great.
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          GarzasGoodies Wayfarer
          First you need to check out city, state, and county regulations. I know in Missouri we had to build a seperate kitchen. You'll also need to check what liscensing and permits you'll need (health dept etc). A business plan is helpful and SCORE can help you with that. Your profile doesn't have much info. where are you located and what type of candy? Good luck!

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            phanio Pioneer
            Start with a business plan - a business plan will help you think about many of the issues you will face and allow you to find ways to overcome them before you actually face them. SCORE was mentioned. There are also Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) that are part of the SBA and free to use. They can help you research and write your plan.

            There are also sample business plans on the web you might want to search out and review to get some ideas.

            Lastly, there is great person on this forum - Doug Dolan - goes by thesologuide - who might be able to help you put what you need in place.

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              jsimon Newbie
              First things you should really do is get yourself incorporated and use the power of a corporation. When you structure it correctly, you can build business credit to it and have your corporation finance your business. So start with incorporation.

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                Congratulations on finding a business that you are passionate about.


                I agree with some of the other comments here regarding the need for a business plan. Having owned and operated a restaurant, I know how competitive the market can be and seen many places close because they didn't spend the time to create a focus.


                Creating a plan will give you knowledge about your market (customers, competitors, economy), the possibilities and pitfalls that lie ahead and what to do about them.


                I have a free page on my site that gives the breakdown of a formal business plan:




                Going through the different sections of this plan will help educate you about the necessary steps for moving forward. You can check out the other pages on my site for research resources and other helpful services including legal and finance.


       has a service that will research and inform you of all the necessary certifications, registrations, etc... that you will need for your industry and location.


                Business Money Today gives excellent insight into appropriate loan structures and sources for the funds.


                As GarzasGoodies mentions, get with your local health department. They will educate you on their requirements. Most likely they will require that you operate out of a commercial kitchen and not your home. One option that you may have for keeping your overhead on a lease low is to see if there are restaurants and hotels with kitchens that may be willing to lease out space during their down time.


                Please let me know what further questions you may have. I would love to help.


                (Thanks Joseph for the recommendation).


                All the Best,


                Doug Dolan


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