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    Business Plans and Marketing

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      I just finished a business plan for Power Plus Solutions... a business that supplies packaging solutions to end users and non end users small and large OEM's they are one of the cheapest and highest quality packaging company I have seen so far, the Owner is a hard worker and gives great customer service... I really love this company. Anyhoo I just finished there business plan and he used it for a local bank after not being able to be funded and guess what the business plan was great and he was funded $400,000.00. He was so happy with it he got me a gift for saying thank you... so I thought I would help out a little more and do some sales for him, now he has a new account called uc components and is very very happy so he has asked me to do his marketing and I said yes but I am wondering if anyone else would want a hand made, original, by hand, great business plan?

      small business creation center

      PS: If you need a packaging service then let me know I can help with that too