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    How can I drive traffic to my website?

    TheLogo_Mat Wayfarer
      I started a graphic design company about 3 years ago and am doing well. I have a very high amount of return customers which speaks for the quality of my work. However it has become increasingly difficult to draw in new clients. Any advice?


      Matt Cockrum
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          I'm a big believer in joint ventures. Have you reached out to other vendors that provide complimentary products and services to the same target market?


          For example, have you tried establishing a rapport and mutually beneficial business relationships with web designers, printers, start-up business consultants etc... to reduce your marketing costs and introduce you to a new group of established customers?


          I hope his helps.


          Doug Dolan
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            benjaminb Newbie

            First off - very nice site. Also, your meta tags are very well done too.

            Are you mainly looking to drive traffic to your site through organic searches in search engines such as Google?
            You would need to start with a keyphrase which you can realistically rank for. For example, "logo design" is very competitive - it's very unlikely you would make the top 3 or even the first page for a keyphrase such as that.

            However, you could begin with less competitive terms which bring in around 50 searches a day and then build up on those - this way you could generate a steady, growing set of visitors to your site that would be targeted (since they're searching for your service in Google!)

            On the other hand, if you literally just wanted to drive traffic to your site without any targeting at all, (this does sometimes happen, though very uncommon) you can buy packs of traffic for around $5/1,000 hits...But I don't suggest you do that!

            Ultimately, the key to organic traffic is building links, and the right ones too..

            There might be some options of interest to you here:

            With some more info on what you're looking to do, I could help more.

            All the best!
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              marinasv Newbie
              Do some SEO, both on-site seo and off-site seo.
              First modify your keywords,description and title of each page, then make backlinks from some relevant sites.
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                start by hiring a proven Search Engine Optimizer. Preferably a freelancer who watches your website stay on the first page of Google. Really listen to the ideas of the person you hire. Because they need to find a way to keep potential clients on your website. The longer they stay the better chance of a sale. Also be cautious to pay per clicks. If you have it and your a small company larger companies hire people to just click on your website all day driving your pay per click up. And then you pay way to much for what? Get the job done right the first time. If your interested in more information on finding a great SEO person give us a call at 619-303-0378. visit us at e mail me as well at
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                  AndreyW Newbie
                  Use keywords, that are specific to the website or webpage main theme,
                  this is what you can do to get more visitors from the search engines.
                  Every page can have different keywords. In this way, you target more
                  specific search queries, what makes click possibility higher.

                  So if you have a business related website, there is no point to use
                  general keywords, as "business" or "company", for example. Because
                  there are hundreds of millions of webpages, that include this words.
                  And if your website has a page rank less than 10, it will just get lost
                  in SERP and there will never be a click from the search engine.

                  Example: there is a purpose to increase traffic of a webpage from real business organizations.

                  There is no use to write "submit URL for FREE!!!!!!!"
                  We write "add producer URL for free", "add auto industry website to Business Directory"
                  It is also useful to add words as "Cylinder Head Producers" or
                  "Agricultural Combine Harvester Manufacturers" - specific words, that
                  are included in the directory.

                  Only some thousands are writing "Cylinder Head Producers" and people,
                  who are looking for this are really looking for producers Of automotive
                  lighting. This way there is a chance for a website with PR 3 to get

                  If you add a word "Producers Of Automotive Lighting" to your keywords,
                  there is a chance, that there will be a click one your website. To the
                  webpage with PR less than 10 and with keywords "Submit URL" - there
                  will never be a click!

                  Make that optimization in all SEO onpage elements: URL, Title tag,
                  metadata, Headers,Actual Content, navigation links, Image names, alt

                  Other thing to increase your visiability in internet is to put links to other websites, everywhere you can :)

                  Good luck!