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    Sales 2.0

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      Does anyone have time to talk on the phone anymore? Do your
      prospects really want to talk to you? Are you cold calling? Seriously?


      With Facebook and the other million social media sites, your customers have plenty of friends. They are not looking for someone to get to know, they want someone who is going to get the job done and not waste their time.


      The internet has changed the way people buy forever. The consumer now can do research, compare prices and make purchases online without ever talking to a salesperson.


      As a customer, I would prefer not to hear a* +sales pitch, +have an awkward conversation, feel pressured or listen to some +slick salesperson +trying to close the deal.*


      As a small business owner, I would rather communicate by email. This gives me a chance to edit the conversation, give my full attention, not be surprised or need to rely on thinking on my feet.


      When people visit my website and are interested, they fill out the
      contact form (where only name and email are required fields), which
      sends an email to my phone so that I can immediately respond. From
      there, we will email back and forth a couple of times to work out the
      details. By the time we actually talk, it is a done deal.

      Customers today only want to talk to you after they have \\ made a decision to buy, and only if buying requires that they talk to \\ you.

      If your website is visible, with a clear call to action, closing the deal is just a matter of getting out of the way and not saying anything stupid.


      Once you have a happy customer, then you can sell, up-sell, deepen the relationship and ask for referrals.