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    Help YOUR Business Profit Despite the Economy!

    envisionary Wayfarer
      We want to help you collect 98%+ of your accounts receivable with almost no effort, with no ongoing cost, and in a way that will have your customers or patients thanking you for your help.

      You are giving your clientele a friendly and painless way to pay on their account with no high interest rates and no credit checks anywhere! They will love you for it and they will spread the word.

      The current economy has really hit U.S. businesses hard. Whether you are a new business or an established business, I'm betting that you have been impacted in one way or another over the last few months. With consumers watching their dollars more carefully than ever, a lot of businesses are facing a very large percentage of delinquent accounts and that percentage is growing. Before the recession hit, U.S. doctors were only collecting on average 49% of their accounts. Care to guess what that figure is now?! Small businesses have faired better than that, but not by much. Their average collection rate was around 64%.

      When you are faced with a lot of delinquent accounts but you need to keep your customers or patients, what do you do? You can write off the debt, you can use a collection agency, but either way you are going to lose a LOT of money and you'll likely lose the customer too. How about a better option...

      What if I offered you a way to automatically collect on those accounts? What if you could collect up to 98%+ of your accounts receivable? What if you could do this +with no ongoing cost+??

      Our services help you to set up a consumer friendly payment plan that automatically collects consumer payments on the same day every month. *We are NOT a collection agency*!! We work with you, the business or healthcare provider, to set this program up. We'll also provide you with promotional materials. The friendly nature of this automatic payment program will also give you a great marketing tool to use both during the holiday season and during the ongoing economic problems.

      HOLIDAY BONUS: Get a Special Holiday $$Rate + TWO Services for the price of ONE

      Set yourself up for increased profitability for the end of 09 and for the whole of 2010 and beyond. Let me help you regain control over your A/R. Email me for more information and/or to set up a consult.