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    Electronic Invoicing

    frank85 Newbie
      Hello everyone,

      I will like some advice on the following; we currently provide our customers with paper invoices.
      These are forms we picked up at office max a couple years back and have been using them ever since.

      I am not sure if I can create invoices with quickbooks or peachtree but the idea would be to keep track of everything in electronic form.
      Suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Frank, It sounds like you are dating yourself. I am a Quickbooks Consultant and would be happy
          to talk to you. You can contact me at ""
          Tell me more. What kind of business?? How long in business (couple of years)) Do you have an Accountant??
          Are you looking to use quickbooks or peachtree??, Quickbooks is more popular and easier to use.
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            Do take a look at, an extremely popular and feature-rich solution that is web-based, so no software hassles.

            I am not affiliated with freshbooks in any way.
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              DomainDiva Ranger
              Quickbooks will let you create invoices. However if you like the format you are using, adapt it into a MSWord document, do the invoice, save it and lock the document so it can't be changed and then email it. (This is what I do for my aircraft consulting business. I date each one and keep it in a yearly file on the computer desktop...easy to locate...easy to invoice).
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                If you're business-to-business, not having the capability to invoice electronically can cost you new sales and accounts. I can't think of any accounting package that doesn't support electronic invoicing -- it's just the degree of sophistication and integration with everything else (order entry, fulfillment, inventory management, etc.) that varies. You can even begin super-simple -- one way is to convert your paper invoice to an Adobe .pdf file with form field recognition, or (if you accept credit cards or PayPal) use the electronic invoicing tools that your merchant services provider offers, and then make the same manual entries you do now in your accounting system. Hope that helps. Best wishes.
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                  NetworkGuru Wayfarer
                  100% of my invoicing is done electronically. I am business-to-business. E-Invoicing make my life.. well, easy. The second I press the send button, I know my client has got it and I will get paid. Printing invoices, putting it into the mail, a few days later the client has an envelope. Maybe they open it right away. Otherwise it does a paper shuffle. Which method would you prefer?

                  When getting ready to email your invoice, make sure you pickup an accounting package that can do it. 90% of them will.

                  On your first run, tell your client whats about to happen, email them their invoice, then followup a day later to verify they've received it.

                  For me, when a new person is assigned the task of paying bills at a client site, I will followup with that person just to make sure everything is still working good.
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                    Peritus IT Newbie
                    I currently use Quickbooks Online, I create a customer, create the invoice, send it via their email server or save a copy as a pdf and send it via my Exchange account..I like the fact that i can invoice right at my clients site..The tracking is great too, lots of reports available..It is very flexible for custom invoices if needed..I'm an IT guy, so most of my invoices are for service or hardware/software...I tried the pc based versions, was losing money because i would not always go back to my office in a timely manner to enter the data, send the invoice...With QB Online, that is eliminated, as a I can do so anywhere...I am a BofA client and am going to look at their online suite of tools, (the early vesion was clunky, not user friendly) see if it makes sense ($$) for me to switch...I'll let you know, good luck..Randall
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                      CorpCons08 Ranger
                      Microsoft Office Accounting creates great invoices.
                      It also integrates with all of the Microsoft Office applications.

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                        LUCKIEST Guide
                        Frank, so far you have received 7 answers to your post.
                        Have any of the answers been helpful to you??
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                          SanDiegoTech Wayfarer

                          I would recommend the following two products:


                          Freshbooks (~$15-$50 a month with free plan available)

                          • 100% internet hosted, no install
                          • Multi-User
                          • Invoices delivered either paper (professionally, wit return envelope) or email
                          • Customers can manage their billing/invoice status/etc online 24x7
                          • Supports Paypal free or Visa/MC with merchant accounts
                          • Supports subscriptions/recurring invoices
                          • Employees enter time online by support ticket or daily
                          • Multiple project billing, support ticket (with billable time tracking)
                          • Simple interface, invoicing only (no account management)
                          • Focused on invoicing for service providers
                          • Only handles invoicing, project tracking, support tickets (not accounting)

                          Microsoft Account Express (Free)

                          • Supports invoicing by email or printing/manual mail
                          • Has Paypal Addin to invoice customers electronically via email
                          • eBay tool simplifies listing management
                          • More features than freshbooks
                          • Handles invoices and business accounting
                          • Did I mention free!!
                          • Upgradable to Microsoft's "Professional" accounting products in the future.
                          • Does not sync automatically with Bank of America...Bank of America is one of the few banks that makes you manually download the statments to integrate with Microsoft Accounting.

                          Personally, I use both for my service business...Hope this helps!


                          PS - Try to keep track of your business and personal expenses too...and import them in to MS accounting. BoA limits the time you can access your account history offline (no limit with Wesabe), and you can "tag" expenses and export all the information (years with). Wesabe automatically syncs from BoA and your other accounts.
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                            danny3130 Newbie
                            Hi - I am a small business owner and I do about 200 invoices per year. I have just upgraded to Quickbooks 2008 Pro.
                            I typically e-mail all my invoices through quickbooks. You can also do Estimates and then convert your estimaes into invoices - its easy. You can also fax invices through Quickbooks. Most of my contcats do lik ethe fact that I can e-mail the invoice to them. I use Bank of America on-line Banking for all my Payroll checks. You can buy checks through Quickbooks or anyone but its costly.
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                              karaokekrazy Newbie
                              Bank Of America offers a service that cannot be compared with any other software out in the market. Business account holders with online banking can upgrade their service to Online Business Suite with Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.
                              Online Business Suite can let you view personal, business within the bank or from other financial instutions with just one sign on. You can delegate access to employees, partners and accountants to view account info or make financial transactions, while you maintain secure and confidential control. Plus, you can use quickbooks or quicken and synchronize transactions.
                              For electronic invoicing, with accounts receivable, you can generate 20 invoices and apply incoming payments, send reminder emails and past due notices and view detailed history of invoices.
                              For direct payments, you can reimburse employees expenses, pay individuals or companies directly to their bank account using standard 3 day or next day payment.
                              All of these are available through Bank Of America.
                              If you have an existing business account, you can call in to upgrade your online service.
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                                Which way would you prefer to do it - via web, or through a locally installed software?
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                                  Gamgam Newbie

                                  1) Quickbooks has a rich Invoicing product that you can use to send invoices

                                  2) Intuit also has a FREE Web-based invoicing app called Billing Manager. ( There are no limits on the # of customers one can add or the # of invoices one can send.


                                  The app sends your clients basic text e-mails and also includes a link to an invoice page where clients can see a nicely formatted invoice, pay their bill, or set a reminder if they don't want to at the moment.


                                  Billing Manager users can accept credit card payments once they sign up for Quick Books Merchant Service. Billing Manager merchants can also accept Credit Card payments over the phone by using a Virtual Terminal product that is integrated with Billing Manager.


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                                    dycode Newbie
                                    Hello frank85,

                                    you should try free software for QuickBooks called SimpleInvoicer. You can automatically export/import invoices in UBL attached to
                                    PDF (United Nations Layout) from QuickBooks accounting systems.

                                    You will find free download here:
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                                      amspcs Ranger
                                      I used to send invoices out of QuickBooks all the time, found it to be very efficient in professional. But I have come across a fly in the ointment. My computer died, had to get a new one which came with Windows 7.
                                      It seems Windows 7 is incompatible with QB Pro 09 as far as printing capabilities go, which is very disappointing. I have consulted the QB community forum, and it seems QB has no plans for a fix or patch in the near future and as a result have upset a number of QB users, particularly the poor fellow who was told by the QB rep to just go out and buy a newer version of QB. I'm in the same boat and am not about to be forced into buying new software after having just done so this past year--I like to buy software when I want to, not when I am forced to do so. I have always felt that for a big software company that supposedly knows what it's doing software-wise, Intuitt software leaves much to be desired, probably much of it by design in their never-ending quest to force people to buy more and more of their software and services by hook or by crook..