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    My post from yesterday

    afeijo Newbie
      Where is the post I sent yesterday?
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          songwolffarm Adventurer
          mine aren`t going through either and I need help on deciding the best INC to choose for my business, and how best to research financial stuff when I`m in a market that has nothing to do with products that get shipped to stores or the like. Live animals are hard to write about, industry`s changing every day:( Why don`t I deserve help?
          We both do:(
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            phanio Pioneer
            Not sure why your posts are not showing up. Seems to happen to everyone here. If you need help in developing your business - please try to find a small business development center (SBDC) in your area. It is free to use as it is part of the SBA and they can help you with the details of your business. There is also SCORE ( that can help.

            If your posts are not showing up - just keep trying. Not sure why, but if you keep trying, you can get some hep.

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