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    Do you do business with people you don't like?

    Iwrite Pioneer
      I'm helping a client with the branding of his new company, and it has been a struggle because he is a pure numbers guy. He doesn't care about anything but the numbers.

      Well, as part of my efforts to help him I watched present his product to a potential customer. Afterwards, I pulled the lead decision maker aside and asked her what she thought of the product.

      She said, "I think the product is a good idea but I don't think we are interested."

      "May I ask why?" I asked.

      After a pause, she lend over and quietly said, "because we don't like him," gesturing to my client. "He doesn't seem to care about us or our needs, we're just a sale to him."

      I was shocked. I had worked with him so long that I have come to know him, and know that he is a really nice person, but he is hard to warm up to. Now, I had a bigger issue, I have to sit him down and tell him what the customer said. It was a long and intense conversation but he and I finally came to an understanding. It appears his wife had been telling him this for some time.

      This experience got me to thinking, how many business owners really understand that sales are affected by whether or not people like you or your business. The image you put out there determines a lot of times whether or not people will buy from you. I know, plenty of folks are not going to believe that but it is true - relationships matter in business.

      You can have the best product in the world but if people don't like you, they will not buy from you.

      Here's my question: Do you do business with people you don't like? I mean repeat, loyal business.

      My answer is "No, I don't."

      I really want to hear your's.
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          RoyalPlanning Newbie
          *For most people this may be a hard one to answer, but for me a christian who has worked in many different fields where I have not liked one or more of my co-workers my answer to this question would be * \\ *YES * \\ + Business in Business and more importantly BUSINESS IS MONEY!!!!+ \\ *+ In the long run aren't we all out to make money!+ * \\ + Loyal business breeds return business and that bring more money! So even though you may not like a person in the non business world, we all grew up pretending and even as adults and business people pretending wont hurt!+