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    Islamic Hospital Chain

    imresearch Newbie
      Why is it important to support the effort of Zakat to establish 1 just 1 World Wide Islamic Hospital Chain, to be used by all people in every community possible?
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          Iwrite Pioneer
          It is unclear what you are asking.

          I think as far as hospitals go, for most people it is about the quality of care and level of expertise. I go to a hospital because something is wrong, my personal doctor is for the regular stuff. Do I care that it is Muslim or Baptist or Jewish? No. I care that they can deal with what is wrong.

          I lived in Atlanta for quite a while, and I told anyone and everyone that knew me that if I was in a serious accident, take me to Grady - it is one of the best trauma centers in the country. But once I was stable move me to another hospital. I had seen them work miracles of friends and family who had been seriously hurt.

          There are those who will not like the idea of a Muslim hospital chain, but that is their problem. Instead of focusing on being Muslim, tell me you are a great hospital, tell me that I'm going to get the best care from doctors and nurses who are really committed. That is the message most people want to hear. Or at least I do.
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Would your hospital treat women as well?
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              IndustrialAid Newbie
              I think it is possible to establish islamic hospital chain in some selected islamic country not the hole world. Because it is very difficult to build world wide network but possible in some country.