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    keep it simple

    rgenerator Newbie

      Keep It Simple, Stupid. One of the definitive characteristics of Web 2.0 is its simplicity of design. The less is more approach definitely applies in designing websites to compete in today’s market.


      The old way was to fill up your pages with
      as much content as you could, letting people know that you were online
      and legitimate. With the amount of websites and competition increasing
      exponentially today, your website has a limited amount of time to grab
      attention and accomplish a goal.


      How long do you give a website before you go somewhere else? 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, longer? Seriously?


      Forget the flash intros, background music, Adsense, widgets, gadgets and random pictures. Keep your website minimal and clutter-free.
      A prospect should be able to look at your website and in 5 seconds know
      how to contact you or purchase a product. Make sure you have a clear Call To Action.


      A quick read, (really, I read it in under 2 hours) is Seth Godin’s The Big Red Fez
      His take is that surfing on the web is like a monkey looking for a
      banana. Websites should be kept simple and easy for anyone to
      immediately identify what the site is about and how to get the banana.
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          seoservicepro Ranger
          Very nice post rgenerator There is nothing I disagree with here. Build for the lowest common denominator and make everything as easy as possible. Especially take the advice about the contact info being easy to find right away.

          Put your phone number In your description meta tag as well. I have clients call me that haven't even been to my website yet.